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Bicycle parking – Bath Spa University

Bicycle parking terms and conditions

The University supports sustainable travel options to the various University campuses, which includes cycling.


The following terms and conditions help to maintain cycling parking spaces at the University and keep the cycle racks clear of dangerous obstructions.

  • Our Find Us page on the website gives details on how to travel the University campuses by bike.
  • Details for staff on sustainable transport information including cycling can be found on The Hub.

The University offers regular (usually once per term) maintenance sessions with Dr Bike on the Newton Park Campus and at the Unite Students halls of residence (Lower Bristol Road). Information is publicised via our newsletters, on social media, as well as on the Sustainability pages on The Hub.

Terms and conditions

  1. The University accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged bikes.
  2. We recommend that you register you bike on the UK National Property Register; supported by Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary & Wiltshire Police Constabulary.
  3. Bicycles must be left only in cycle racks or other places designated for the purpose; bicycles must not be taken inside buildings.
  4. Bicycles which are left in such a way as to cause or lead to an obstruction on any emergency exit or access point, may be removed by University staff, or any other agent acting on their authority.
  5. Bicycles secured in the cycle racks will be audited at the end of the spring term. Any bike that has been left standing over the Easter vacation and appears to be abandoned will have a warning notice affixed. If the bike is not claimed by 1 July, it will have a 30-day disposal notice affixed. If the bicycle is still not claimed in this period, it shall be deemed to have been abandoned and will be disposed of by the University after 1 August.
  6. Bicycle locks that appear to be unused will also be audited (as in step 5) with a warning label attached and removed if not claimed.
  7. Bicycles that have been abandoned will be donated to charity.
  8. There will be no refund of any equipment damaged by the removal of bicycles, or for the bicycle itself.
  9. If a student or staff member wishes to leave a bicycle on campus over the summer vacation period (excluding daily commuting) they must notify the Sustainability Office, Estates Department. No liability will be taken for loss, theft or damage to bikes over this period.

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