Bath’s hidden green spaces

Student Communications Ambassador, Kelly Jones, has some green space recommendations for you to explore this summer and beyond.

With the weather temperamental at the best of times, it’s important to make the most of the sun when it’s shining, and what better way to do that than spending time in the beautiful pockets of green in and around Bath city centre?

Green spaces aren’t just for the summer holidays either. Parks and walks can be a great way to take a break from your studies in the new academic year. The fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine is great for your wellbeing. I personally like to sit and watch the dogs run as they look like they're having so much fun and it always makes me smile.

The following are my top three recommendations of green spaces around Bath that you might not have heard of or visited yet as a student. They are all easily searchable on google maps.

  1. Sydney Gardens
    Located behind the Holburne Museum, these gardens just might be my favourite. They have tennis courts that can be used by the public, beautiful open lawns framed by historic towering trees and a path that leads directly to the canal where you can walk alongside the water. They're a must-visit Georgian treasure in the sunshine.
  2. The Botanical Gardens - Victoria Park
    Victoria Park is a staple to any Bath visitor or resident. It’s a location where dogs come to play, and many come to BBQ and picnic, but have you visited the botanical gardens located near the top of the park? This garden is packed with beautiful floral arrangements and paths to explore. There are many benches to sit on, or you can opt to bring a blanket to lay out on the lawn. There's even a small cart that sells refreshments. You can even get involved with volunteer gardening sessions.
  3. The Bath Skyline Walk
    For those who are looking for a longer stroll and more scenic views, the Bath Skyline Walk may be the perfect solution. This six mile walk is perfect for a calm day out amongst nature - just be sure to bring sun cream, plenty of water and a snack or two - and enjoy the view!

There we have three beautiful locations, which are easy to get to, in and around Bath city centre. These places are perfect to explore in the sun, with some friends and a picnic, or peacefully on your own with a book.

I’d love to hear if you decide to visit these places on social media, tag @bathspauni so we can see it!

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