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Five ways to be happy on campus, without spending a penny

Today is UN International Happiness Day (which falls on 20 March each year). The day was designed to recognise the value of happiness as a universal goal and while ideas of happiness differ, there are various proven ways to lead a happy life.

Speaking at a seminar on Brain and Behaviour, Bath Spa University Psychology professor, Cordelia Sutton, said:

“Happiness research is growing, there’s an annual world happiness day on 20 March. There’s an annual global happiness report, and encouragingly, recently, we’ve begun to see international research on happiness.”

This year, for International Happiness Day, we have gathered the top five ways you can be happy on Bath Spa University campuses, without spending a penny.

Put aside time to exercise

Ever felt the need to destress after a long day? Exercise has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain chemicals, increase endorphins and improve mood, leaving you feeling happier, less anxious, and more relaxed. It also encourages better sleep, helping you drop off faster and fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep.

At Bath Spa, you don’t need to join the gym to get into a sustainable exercise routine. There are plenty of extraordinary outdoor spaces on campus that won’t cost you a thing.

Get out in nature

Everyone knows that getting out into the fresh air can do wonders for your mental health. But do you know why?

Part of its magic comes from fractal patterns. These are never-ending patterns found everywhere in nature and are scientifically proven to reduce stress by up to 60%. Next time you’re on campus, stroll amongst the towering trees and observe their leaves, branches, and roots.

Indulging in our natural affinity with nature is vital to maintaining our emotional, psychological, and physical health. The great outdoors not only allows us respite from a busy world but reduces stress and promotes healing. And, with a campus overflowing with natural wonders, you won’t have to go far to find a moment of calm.

Why not take a walk around the glistening lake, where you’ll find our family of waterfowl taking a dip? Or wander through the forests, filled with the sounds of wildlife.

Care dogs

Our Bath Spa care dogs are famous for putting smiles on faces. We’ve got a team of furry friends that are here for you. Dogs are incredible at providing emotional support, and relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Not to mention their unconditional love and endless cuddles. 

What more could you ask for?

Each of our dogs are assessed and registered through Canine Concern and get involved at a whole host of events. For more information on our drop-in sessions, please get in contact with Student Wellbeing.

A sense of community

Feeling part of a community is intrinsically linked to our happiness. Connection within a community helps us feel supported and encourages a greater sense of belonging.

Particularly at university, when you feel far from home, community provides a sense of security, peace, and meaning. At Bath Spa, there’s a host of ways to find connections without spending a penny.

With accommodation on campus, you’ll never be far from friends. Why not pop to the refectory and enjoy a free cup of tea with someone in your flat? Or make a conscious effort to smile at a stranger a least once a day. If you fancy pursuing your passions and making a few friends, joining one of our free societies could be perfect for you.

Brimming with books

Feeling uninspired? Our Newton Park library is brimming with books. Aside from providing hours of free entertainment, reading is proven to reduce stress, improve mental health, and even help you live longer.

Try looking for inspiration and encouragement on our shelves - biographies of people you admire are a great place to start. Take the time to find examples of those who have overcome obstacles and built their confidence. Or check out a self-help book and read up on how to care for your mental wellbeing.

For more advice, help and support, our wellbeing team is available around the clock, offering free, confidential support.

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