Ducktorate degrees

Ducktorate degrees

Newton Park ducks awarded Honorary ‘Ducktorate’ degrees in spring ceremony

Bath Spa University has bestowed the honour of prestigious ‘Ducktorate’ degrees on its Newton Park ducks in an early spring graduation ceremony, awarded in recognition of their important role on campus.

Each year, the University offers honorary awards to individuals who have achieved notable contributions in their fields, professions, society or at the University. Valued members of the BSU community, these graduates are celebrated at graduation ceremonies. 

Both highly intelligent, human-oriented and endlessly entertaining to have around, ducks are surprisingly emotive, can understand commands and travel enormous, non-stop distances at incredible altitudes.

Not only do the ducks provide entertainment for the BSU community, but their enthusiasm to learn has seen them queueing for lectures hours before they’re due to begin.

Ducks queuing with hats on

The ducks were awarded their degrees at a lakeside ceremony on BSU’s Newton Park campus and presented with tailored mortarboard caps as they waddled across the temporarily erected stage to be presented with their official duck-uments. 

Honoured to receive their degrees, the ducks were joined by students and staff at a post-graduation party where a buffet of seeds, nuts and greens was served in celebration of their quacking achievements.

This isn’t the first time the University has awarded honorary degrees to some of its cutest community members. In 2022, BSU recognised its Care Dogs in a spring ceremony highlighting their outstanding contributions to the Student Wellbeing Team and the wider University – we just hope they’re happy to share the glory. 

Alongside the Canine and Anatidae communities, the University has recognised notable people for their achievements. Last year, BSU was honoured to welcome Dr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, to accept a degree for his work in academia and beyond. Other honorary graduates from Bath Spa University include esteemed sculptor and Turner Prize winner, Veronica Ryan OBE, graduate, journalist and broadcaster, Carl Anka and Teach First CEO, Russell Hobby CBE. 

Bath Spa University would like to quack-gratulate the campus ducks on their honorary degrees. #BathSpaProud

Happy April Fools from all of us at BSU! We hope you enjoyed this little joke; we know we did. Although the campus ducks aren’t really receiving honorary degrees, they’re part of what makes BSU so unique. Thank you to the Grounds Team, who take such good care of our campus critters. If you’d like to know about the campus wildlife, you can explore our news stories.

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