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Lockdown Lullaby – Bath Spa University

Emotive ‘Lockdown Lullaby’ video created by Bath Spa University

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

Bath Spa University has produced Lockdown Lullaby, a film that reflects on the city’s uncharacteristically silent streets, as its community begins to enter a new sense of normality with fresh perspectives.

The video was made in collaboration with the University’s BA (Hons) Acting graduate, Naomi Knox, whose self-scripted spoken word recital about Bath, and her lessons learned during lockdown, can be heard throughout.

Creator of the video, Eve Betts, Visual Content Producer at Bath Spa University, said: “Making this film meant a lot. We wanted to reflect on just how eerily quiet the streets have become during this time. The city is just as much an important part of staff, students’ and graduates’ lives as our campuses are.”

From the usually busy and bustling Bath Abbey; to Walcot Street; Pulteney Bridge; Victoria Park; and the University’s picturesque Newton Park campus and more, the video takes viewers on a unique tour of Bath.

Eve said: “It felt surreal to walk around empty roads that would usually have people socialising on every corner. Capturing the city for the whole community was central to the film and Naomi’s words have really brought it to life in a wonderful way.

“Although the lockdown has, and continues to be a challenging journey for many, it has also brought out the good in our community, and this film is to remind everyone that it won’t be quiet forever.

“Making the video was a real team effort. Normally artists would come and sit in the editing suite with me and we talk through it together from start to finish. This time, due to social distancing and lockdown itself, we had to do everything virtually. I sent Naomi the shots of Bath first and then she sent her words back to me, so it was very much a mutual process – and it really worked well.”

The theme of unity underlines the video and bringing the poem to a close, Naomi says ‘in this disarray, I pray I find understanding, that when these streets populate again, love is not abandoned'.

Talking about the inspiration behind her words, Naomi said: “Looking at the footage, I kept reflecting on my own experiences during lockdown. I asked myself, and believe we should all question, 'what will I take away from this time?’ With how the world is feeling today, especially speaking as a Black person, I feel a true need for the love shown online in solidarity in this time to go beyond post-lockdown.

“My experience of my day-to-day life changing, as well as my perspective on many things, is and should be universal in my opinion, and that’s the story I wanted to tell. I would like to thank Bath Spa University for giving me this opportunity, I am forever grateful.”

You can watch Lockdown Lullaby on the Bath Spa University YouTube channel.

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