Jan Meinema


Personal statement

Jan started teaching at Bath Spa University in September 2005.

Jan has a broad subject knowledge and extensive experience in Audio Post Production for Moving Image, Sound Design and Music Production. His knowledge and practice have been informed by his past experience as a musician, studio engineer, music producer, music event organiser and practice in multimedia/graphics.

From 1981 Jan worked as a musician, playing in a range of different bands and projects as well as running 'NR Studios' (Groningen - The Netherlands) from 1991 until 1996. Within the studio he developed a keen interest in sound manipulation techniques and experimental recording techniques, using audio effects processors, synthesisers and samplers. Jan has worked on numerous CD album releases in a variety of different roles (producer, sound engineer, musician, programmer and CD mastering engineer).

In his recent practice and research Jan worked within the area of Audio Post Production for Film in a variety of roles; Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Field Recording and Dubbing Mixer. For recent IMDB credits please see the their website.

Jan's recent academic research includes film sound design and sonic signatures within music production.

Academic qualifications

  • MA University of the West of England.

Professional memberships

  • Performing Rights Society member.

Teaching specialism

  • Audio Post Production
  • Sound Design for Moving Image
  • Synthesis / Sampling
  • Music Production
  • Surround Sound
  • Sound Installation.

Research and academic outputs

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Cymatics: liquids and sound

Meinema, J (2009) Cymatics: liquids and sound. In: Seeing Sound, 19-20 September 2009, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Sonic interactions

Meinema, J (2006) Sonic interactions. University of West of England, 2006.

A special guest

Meinema, J (2016) A special guest.

Day of the people

Meinema, J (2016) Day of the people.

Italian miracle

Meinema, J (2015) Italian miracle.

Things of the aimless wanderer

Meinema, J (2015) Things of the aimless wanderer.

Final call animation

Meinema, J (2013) Final call animation.

Worlds apart

Meinema, J (2012) Worlds apart.

Great train robbers [trailer]

Meinema, J (2012) Great train robbers [trailer].

Art is

Meinema, J (2012) Art is.

Fables of forgotten things

Meinema, J (2005) Fables of forgotten things.


Meinema, J (2005) Processed.

Another life

Meinema, J (2004) Another life.

Samba gaye (by Sekou Bembeya Diabate/Djanka Diabate)

Meinema, J (1997) Samba gaye (by Sekou Bembeya Diabate/Djanka Diabate).

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