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Raquel dos Santos – Bath Spa University

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Dance
Graduating year: 2020

“I felt like I had a family at Bath Spa. Not just in my course, but with other classes and courses too.”

Raquel’s story

I'm a self-employed dance artist, physical theatre performer and co-founder of The Woman's Way Company. I'm originally from Portugal where I started my training as a performer/dancer. After traveling and engaging in several projects for a year I decided to move to Bath, where I studied BA (Hons) Dance at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2020.

My experience on the course

I've always wanted to study dance but not just "technique". Bath Spa was the only course I looked at that provided more than that. It had filming elements, somatic and creative performance! It was the most complete I could find.

"There were so many things that happened whilst I was at Bath Spa... I can't pick just one or two. I felt like the whole course and experience was one big highlight of life so far. I've learnt so much, not just academically, but in life. I feel like I really lived and experienced these three years of my life to the fullest."

This course is one of the the most complete out there for anyone wanting to become a dance artist/self-employed in the performing arts industry. It's got everything you need: group building tasks, problem solving, solo activities, budget management... everything you need to become a successful dancer/dance artist. It's like a "trial" of life in the industry but with the support of the tutors when needed.

The best part of the course was the campus, the tutors and the quality of the classes and assessments.

My next steps

I graduated from Bath Spa in 2020 and started my own business (in the health and wellness industry) straight away during lockdown with the help of some funding I was awarded. At the time I was also working a 9-5, but my goal was always to work for myself.

As well as running my business, I also started engaging in different projects as a freelancer. Some of these projects included: social media management, photography, videography, content creation, movement facilitation and choreography, amongst others. I started developing skills I never thought I'd develop!

Now, two years later, I've quit my 9-5 job and become fully self-employed by running my business and also being a freelancer! I have more than five streams of income, all of which allow me to create for a living, in several forms. I am now also working with a small team of 'Staff' who are also all creatives.

My accomplishments since graduating from Bath Spa include:

  • starting a business (The Woman's Way Ltd) which is now employing over 10 people
  • becoming a content creator for several brands
  • being cast in the 'Main Role' at Fear At Avon Valley for 2022 (The Exorcism)
  • involvement in several projects as a freelance dance artist (choreographer and dancer)
  • choreographing first dances and surprise wedding performances
  • private coaching dance for people with confidence issues
  • filming, directing and choreographing music videos
  • providing photography services
  • delivering my own flamenco workshops
  • writing a book.

I recommend Bath Spa because...

Unlike a lot of universities out there, I felt like I had a family at Bath Spa. Not just in my course, but with other classes and courses too.

My advice for current students

Enjoy yourselves, don't take everything too seriously and throw yourself into the tasks! You'll learn a lot more if you let go of your own judgments. Don't engage in drama. Focus on what YOU want.

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