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AllouAqui – Bath Spa University

AllouAqui Dance Theatre in collaboration with year three dancers.

As part of our annual third year dance company performance Rise, it was a pleasure to step into the quirky, wonderful world of AllouAqui Dance Theatre, comprised of Bath Spa Dance graduates Xavier De Santos and Delicia Sefiha.

Xavier and Delicia worked in collaboration with the students to create a performance inspired by Edward Lear’s nonsense poetry. Don’t You Wish You Looked Like A Fish? opens a world of imagination where nothing has to make sense but everything could.

Find out what Xavier and Delicia have been doing since graduation:

"This course gives a lot of emphasis on finding your own dance voice and exploring what makes you unique, both as a mover and as an artist, which is really important in an industry where competition is enormous. I also found Professional Development Planning very helpful in understanding how the dance industry works."

Delicia Sefiha, BA (Hons) Dance and English Literature graduate

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