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RAISED between cultures – Bath Spa University

RAISED between cultures

Researching intercultural spaces: utilizing a community-based participatory research approach to co-create knowledge about the experiences of diverse children and families and the challenges and opportunities of intercultural spaces.

RAISED between cultures

The RAISED between cultures model draws on sociocultural and ecological theories of childhood to challenge assumptions about the development of children of immigrant or refugee children backgrounds and identify systemic and social factors that can influence children’s cultural identities and inclusion.

Adaptation and integration of Syrian refugees

This project adopts a community-learning for empowerment approach to explore the psychosocial adaptation of Syrian refugees. It is led by Dr Sophie Yohani (University of Alberta) with funding from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Dr Georgis is a collaborator.


This project is led by Dr Rebecca Georgis with collaborators Dr Rebecca Gokiert and Dr Anna Kirova (University of Alberta) and Yvonne Chiu (Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative).

Publications to date

  • Yohani, S, Kirova, A, Georgis, R, Gokiert, R, Mejia, T and Chiu, M (2019) 'Cultural brokering with Syrian refugee families with young children: an exploration of challenges and best practices in psychosocial adaptation.' Journal of International Migration and Integration, 20, pp 1181-1202.
  • Brosinsky, L., Georgis, R., Gokiert, R., Mejia, T., & Kirova, A. (2018). 'RAISED between Cultures: New Resources for Working with Children of Immigrant or Refugee Background'. Childhood Education, 94, 2, 18-27.

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