With opportunity

With opportunity

With opportunity

University is the perfect place to take advantage of the many opportunities available - we'll do all we can to ensure you make the most of them.

University is a great way to explore who you are and what you’re interested in. Whether you're meeting new people, getting involved in sport, clubs, or volunteering through the Students' Union, or looking to get a head start on your future career, there's plenty to be getting on with as you enjoy student life.

We’re here to help you along your journey, with loads of opportunities for you to make friends, learn new skills, gain experience and explore the world beyond Bath Spa.

Find your course, of course

What are you interested in? What are you good at? What are you passionate about? It all starts with great courses. Whether you dream of designing a blockbuster computer game (or a cool indy one), performing on stage, educating the next generation, being the next Picasso, protecting the planet or starting your own business, we offer a range of courses for you to explore. You can also combine certain undergraduate courses into a joint honours degree, include a professional placement year and even study abroad - creating a university experience that’s as unique as you are. 

And if you want to take things to the next level and gain a more in-depth understanding of a subject you're really passionate about, we offer a range of postgraduate courses. There's even a scholarship available for Bath Spa students who go on to study a taught Master's course with us! 

"My course at Bath Spa provided training in various skillsets so I could find what I was most suited to, and then provided connections to various directors and practitioners, while also offering opportunities that were best for me." - Tommy Carmichael, BA (Hons) Acting

The future's looking bright

Our award-winning Careers team, offers support with placements and internships, and runs career-focused events like Workfest so you can connect with industry, improve employability skills and meet employers. And whatever course you’re studying, you have the option to undertake a Professional Placement Year (read: real work experience!) as part of your degree for undergraduate courses, which can give you a boost to your employability after you graduate and start looking for jobs.

You can also boost your employability (and expand your worldview - literally!) by undertaking our Global Citizenship course alongside your degree, or even studying abroad at one of our partner universities around the world.

"The idea of trying to figure out what you want to do after university can be daunting, but the Careers team make that experience much easier and are always happy to help out." - Chiara Luongo, Student Ambassador

Launching your ideas

As we mentioned in our WITH Support post, there are many scholarships and bursaries available that you can apply to for help with projects, extracurricular activities, travel, course materials and more. There’s also a funding programme for recent graduates to help them start their own business. (Over 15% of our working graduates are in some form of self-employment*, so giving them opportunities to help turn their side hustle into a… front hustle?... is a no-brainer.)

Find out more

Our students know firsthand how you can take advantage of the many opportunities available to you at Bath Spa. Check out some of our other blog posts, written by the Bath Spa community, featuring:

Bath Spa is here to nurture your talent. With space, support and opportunity you can follow your passion and thrive. Find out more about our support and spaces, or book to visit us at an Open Day.

*HESA Graduates Outcomes Survey 2017/18

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