With support

With support

With support

Starting university is a new chapter in your life. But there will also be times when your journey takes a slight detour. Luckily, you won’t have to go it alone - with support from our student services and caring community.

When you come to Bath Spa, you’ll also be joining a close-knit, caring community. Of course, you’ll meet lots of lovely new people and make lifelong friendships, but community also means looking after each other - and we offer plenty of services and support to help you along the way.

Find your people

Everyone is welcome here at Bath Spa, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet people like you (or people who aren’t like you at all) who share your interests, and maybe even introduce you to some new ones. Our small size is an advantage here - students often form close ties with the others on their course, and you’ll always be running into someone you know.

We’ve got an eclectic range of clubs and societies, from American football to dance, theatre, Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons. And if you think there’s something missing from the list, you can even create your own.

Our Students’ Union has won the National Centre for Diversity SU of the Year award three years in a row, so they know how to look after students - and the bar isn’t bad either (great coffee too). There’s always something going on and lots of things to do.

"I had plenty of great moments at Bath Spa, including the great bonds we made as a collective year-group. We were very supportive and encouraging to each other which allowed you to break down barriers and explore yourself further." - Samuel De La Torre, BA (Hons) Acting

Here for you

Having friends to support you is definitely important, but when things get a bit more complex or you feel like you need some extra help, our highly qualified teams are here for you too.

Our Student Wellbeing Services offer advice and support around various issues, from money advice to mental health, disability, accessibility and more (they’ve got advice for parents and supporters too). And because life doesn’t just stop after 5:00pm, they provide free access to online 24/7 services, so no matter where you are or what time it is, someone is always within reach. Last but not least, there's our Bath Spa care dogs, who regularly visit campus and are a big hit with both staff and students!

The Careers team is there to help you prepare for life after uni and getting a job, of course. But they also offer support with placements and internships, can help you find a part-time job or a mentor (or both!) and run career-focused events like Workfest, providing opportunities to connect with industry, improve employability skills and meet employers. They even have a funding programme for recent graduates to start their own business.

If you need to balance childcare responsibilities with your studies, we have an on-site nursery, providing quality childcare, education and Forest School that meets you and your family's needs.

Money money money...

Stuff costs money. And unless you’re Jeff Bezos, there might be times when you need a bit of financial support. Our Finance team can help with emergency access funding if you find yourself in unexpected difficulty.

"At Bath Spa I was always encouraged to seek support. I received a bursary and was even granted hardship funding during the pandemic when finances were particularly difficult. All the financial support allowed me to remain focused on my studies and I believe this is what allowed me to develop and perform so well by the end of my degree." - Louise Mosley, BA (Hons) Acting

We also believe that a lack of money shouldn’t be a barrier to making the most of your time at university. Maybe there’s a great opportunity for you to travel, or to take an extracurricular course that would enhance your studies. Maybe you have an amazing idea for your final project, but you need some equally amazing material that costs way more than you can afford. Whatever it might be, we’ve got several scholarships and bursaries available that you can apply to.

Find out more

It’s always useful to hear firsthand about the support we offer, from those who have benefited from it. Have a look at some of our top blog posts, written by the Bath Spa community, featuring:

Bath Spa is here to nurture your talent. With space, support and opportunity you can follow your passion and thrive. Find out more about our spaces and opportunities, or book to visit us at an Open Day.

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