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We challenge our students and staff to realise their talent and thrive, for their own benefit and for the wider good.

At Bath Spa University, every voice matters and is heard.

Our people and communities are at the heart of everything we do.

We collaborate with partners to create unique opportunities for our students.

Our actions help build a greener, more sustainable and inclusive future.

We are Professionally Creative

Tap into your professional creativity and pursue a career that fully expresses your unique ideas and talents, while making a difference to the issues that matter to you.

{ "title": "Click Start celebrates first anniversary with an evening of fun, learning, and networking", "name": "Click Start Celebration", "link": "/news-and-events/news/click-start-celebration/", "teaser_text": "The free short course is inviting over 150 learners to celebrate their achievements on 25 April", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Click-Start-Students-talking-together-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of students sit around two tables talking to each other", "publish_date": "17 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Students master their craft in BSU's Paint Room", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bsu-paint-room/", "teaser_text": "Our Locksbrook Campus houses a dedicated painting workshop for students", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/paint-room-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A room filled with paints and different art apparatus ", "publish_date": "15 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Bath School of Art, Film and Media", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU Film and TV graduate wins a prestigious Emmy award", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/ellie-bowler-emmy-winner/", "teaser_text": "BSU Film and Television graduate wins an Emmy award for outstanding work", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/ellie-bowler-emmy-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Person smiling and holding an Emmy award", "publish_date": "12 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Bath School of Art, Film and Media", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "news-events", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Skydiving for Maddie and Libby", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/sky-dive/", "teaser_text": "Graduate Lily Breese and friend Mya Hamilton pay tribute to close friends", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/sky-dive-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "The sun setting in a cloudy sky", "publish_date": "12 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU lecturer explores creative thinking and support for people with dyslexia", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/georgia-niolaki-dyslexia-research/", "teaser_text": "Dr Georgia Niolaki's research strives to raise awareness and better accommodate dyslexic people", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/our-people/Georgia-Niolaki-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "headshot of Georgia Niolaki", "publish_date": "11 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Education", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Free digital course helps local residents give back to their community ", "name": "Level Up Scheme", "link": "/news-and-events/news/level-up-scheme/", "teaser_text": "Click Start is helping learners start a career in technology through their new Level Up scheme", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/person-typing-on-laptop-adobe-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A woman sits at her desk typing on her laptop", "publish_date": "11 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "MA graduate debuts feature film on Amazon Prime", "name": "News", "link": "/news-and-events/news/blue-film/", "teaser_text": "Deva Palmier is taking on the world of movie magic", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/BLUE-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Two women sitting by a river, one of them is being filmed and the other one is holding a camera", "publish_date": "10 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Creative Industries", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Santander Universities renews decade-long partnership with BSU", "name": "Santander partnership renewal", "link": "/news-and-events/news/santander-universities-partnership-renewal/", "teaser_text": "The partnership supports staff, students and alumni with annual funding opportunities", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Santander-Universities-Visit-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of staff and students stand smiling under the Bath Spa University logo on the wall of the Sion Hill campus", "publish_date": "9 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Professor Sue Rigby announced as new Chair of St George's Bristol ", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/new-chair-of-st-georges/", "teaser_text": "BSU's Vice Chancellor will be Chair of Trustees for the independent music and performance venue. ", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/professor-sue-rigby-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Headshot of Professor Sue Rigby, Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University.", "publish_date": "5 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "news-events", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Applications open now for 2024 BSU Graduate roles", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/graduate-scheme-2024/", "teaser_text": "13 new Graduate roles are available to apply for now at Bath Spa University", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/job-seeking-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A magnifying glass hovering over small wooden cubes with a people icon on them", "publish_date": "4 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "news-events", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU community comes together to enjoy an Iftar meal", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/community-iftar/", "teaser_text": "Students, staff and invited guests celebrate Ramadan together at Newton Park", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/iftar-celebration-600x435.jpeg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Bowl of dates with a printed menu and lantern", "publish_date": "4 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Lecturers embark on India trip to empower inclusion in sport production", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/sports-production-india-trip/", "teaser_text": "Three BSU lecturers ventured to India to empower inclusion in sport", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/india-trip-film-media-1379x1000.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of Bath Spa University lecturers visiting India, standing in a group with fellow academics", "publish_date": "4 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Revered pundit Natasha Devon visits BSU ", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/natasha-devon/", "teaser_text": "Broadcaster and activist visits Bath Spa University as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/teachers-stuff-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Pot of coloured pencils on top of notebooks", "publish_date": "3 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU celebrates International Children’s Book Day", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/childrens-book-day/", "teaser_text": "BSU is taking the opportunity to celebrate members of its Writing for Young People community", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Childrens-book-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A shelf of books", "publish_date": "2 April, 2024", "sections_of_website": "MA Creative Writing, Creative writing (interest area)", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Student art in the spotlight at Jigsaw shop in Bath", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/student-art-at-jigsaw/", "teaser_text": "Students have been selected to have their artwork exhibited in luxury fashion brand's Bath store", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Jigsaw-shop-Bath-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "The shopfront of Jigsaw in Bath City Centre", "publish_date": "28 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Bath School of Art, Film and Media", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Students and staff celebrate the festival of Holi", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/festival-of-holi/", "teaser_text": "Over 30 BSU students and staff celebrated the festival of love, colour and spring", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/festival-of-holi-shirt-1378x1000.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A white Bath Spa University t-shirt with paint splatters on it", "publish_date": "27 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "news-events", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Newton Park plays host to meeting of the BSU Powerhouses", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bsu-meets-bsu/", "teaser_text": "Bath Spa University recently welcomed Bowie State University to our Newton Park Campus", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/bowie-state-1-1373x996.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Three students having a discussion", "publish_date": "26 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Over 360 BSU Students receive £500 Undergraduate Scholarship for outstanding A-Level results", "name": "BSU Students receive £500 Undergraduate Scholarship ", "link": "/news-and-events/news/undergraduate-scholarship-2024/", "teaser_text": "The scholarship is awarded to those students who achieve, or exceed, their expected grades", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Graduation-Hats-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "", "publish_date": "26 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Carnival signs new partnership with BSU", "name": "Bath Carnival Partnership", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bath-carnival-partnership/", "teaser_text": "The award-winning carnival joins 14 other creative and cultural organisations partnered with BSU", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Bath-Carnival-Casper-Farrell-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A crowd of people dressed in colourful carnival outfits walking through Bath", "publish_date": "25 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Equality Week Round-up ", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/equality-week-roundup/", "teaser_text": "This Equality Week, the BSU community gathered to expand their knowledge and understanding", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Equality-week-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of people hold their clasped hands up", "publish_date": "22 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Equality and diversity", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Students Sweep Awards at Royal Television Society West Ceremony", "name": "News", "link": "/news-and-events/news/rts-west-awards-2024/", "teaser_text": "Bath Spa University students and alumni enjoyed a successful night in Bristol", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/rts-students-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "", "publish_date": "22 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Use this tag to distribute news items around the website, Bath School of Art, Film and Media", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Employability Strategy Shortlisted for National Target Jobs Award", "name": "Careers Team Award 2024", "link": "/news-and-events/news/careers-team-award-2024/", "teaser_text": "Bath Spa University's transformative approach to employability has been recognised", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/trophy-image-careers-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "", "publish_date": "21 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU colleague given surprise award from Ukraine ", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/ian-gadd-honorary-doctorate/", "teaser_text": "Prof Ian Gadd recently received a nice surprise from one of the University’s partners", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Ian-Gadd-Hon-Doc-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Ian Gadd posing with his honorary degree", "publish_date": "19 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "The Studio Announces Recipients of 2024 Innovation Fund", "name": "News", "link": "/news-and-events/news/studio-award-winners-2024/", "teaser_text": "Three projects have been awarded a total of £30,000 by the university's research and innovation hub", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/stage-image-600x435.jpeg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "", "publish_date": "18 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Creative Industries", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Sarah Alexander explores ecological breakdown in a curation of live performance, film and discussion", "name": "Embodying Ecocide", "link": "/news-and-events/news/embodying-ecocide/", "teaser_text": "Sarah explores coping with the ecological breakdown of our planet in a new event Embodying Ecocide", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Embodying-Ecocide-Bar-Alon-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A woman stands in a white room holding a white kite.", "publish_date": "15 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Wildlife Conservation student dives into marine ecology placement", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/greece-placement/", "teaser_text": "BSU-funded work experience cements career path for Marcus", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/marcus-underwater-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Underwater diver swims in clear blue waters", "publish_date": "13 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Sciences, Biology and nutrition (interest area)", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Having a hoot at Newton Park", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/owl-pellet-research/", "teaser_text": "Wildlife Conservation students team up with The Bird of Prey Project to provide vital owl research", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Newton-Park-owl-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A barn owl perches on a wooden post", "publish_date": "12 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Celebrating British Science Week", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/top-ten-science-stories/", "teaser_text": "We're kicking off British Science Week with our favourite BSU science stories from the past year", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/be-bath-spa/clearing/science-labs-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Students working in a science lab", "publish_date": "11 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU and partners support greater equality and inclusion in football", "name": "News", "link": "/news-and-events/news/her-game-too-wrap-up/", "teaser_text": "BSU community partners, Bath City FC hosted a ‘Her Game Too’ double header weekend ", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Bath-City-Women-No-11-(1)-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A woman wearing a football top with the number 11 on the back", "publish_date": "11 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Equality and diversity, Use this tag to distribute news items around the website", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Spa University student powers Bath City Women to victory", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bath-city-nutrition/", "teaser_text": "Ffion teams up with Bath City Women as part of her Nutrition in Practice module", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Twerton-Park-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Twerton Park football club", "publish_date": "8 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Celebrating women in STEM", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/women-in-stem/", "teaser_text": "Celebrating International Women’s Day and the start of British Science Week", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Women-STEM-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A woman in a blue coat leans down to a dog", "publish_date": "8 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Fighting the stigma around prostate cancer", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/fighting-prostate-cancer-stigma/", "teaser_text": "BSU Governor Nick Sturge shares his story to raise awareness around prostate cancer", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/AdobeStock-Light-blue-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A light blue background", "publish_date": "7 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "A new life in old Dorchester", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/new-life-old-dorchester/", "teaser_text": "Student uncovers the story of emancipated slave John Brown through an exhibition for Dorset Museum", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/education-/research/abstract-lights-pexels-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Abstract lights and colors", "publish_date": "6 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Writing, Publishing and the Humanities", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Refreshed brand unveiled", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/refreshed-bsu-brand/", "teaser_text": "Over 500 Bath Spa University staff and students came together last week for a Brand Celebration", "image_600_435": "/media/Brand-Launch-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A woman stands on stage by a screen showing a presentation", "publish_date": "4 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "news-events", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "true", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Student Money Week 2024", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/money-week-2024/", "teaser_text": "This March marks ‘Money Week’ at Bath Spa University", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/be-bath-spa/campuses/newton-park/commons-students-laptop-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Two blonde women stand next to each other, one holding a medal", "publish_date": "4 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Spa University receives accreditation across major courses", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/architecture-psychology-accreditations/", "teaser_text": "Architecture and Psychology courses at BSU have received notable accreditations", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/marketing-campaigns/home-pages/locksbrook-campus-hp-image-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Large building reflected on water", "publish_date": "1 March, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Locksbrook Campus, Newton Park, Bath School of Design", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Sports Journalism students inspired by gold medal winner", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/amy-williams/", "teaser_text": "Bath-based Winter Olympic gold medallist and broadcaster Amy Williams visits Bath Spa University", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Amy-Williams-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Two blonde women stand next to each other, one holding a medal", "publish_date": "28 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Portrait of Britain success for Photography graduates", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/portrait-of-britain/", "teaser_text": "Alumni see their photographs displayed on screens and billboards across the country", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Portrait-Of-Britain-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Two photographs, one of an older woman dressed in blue, one of a younger woman in black and white", "publish_date": "26 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Photography (interest area)", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Applications now open for first Master's degrees in London", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bsul-postgraduate-degrees/", "teaser_text": "MA Business and Management and MBA Leadership launched at BSUL", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/marketing-campaigns/home-pages/BSUL-flags-hp-image-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Light bricked building with leaves in foreground", "publish_date": "21 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "Bath Spa University", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "BSU partner to host weekend celebrating women in football", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/bath-city-double-header/", "teaser_text": "Bath City FC are hosting Her Game Too, a double-header weekend at Twerton Park", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/twerton-park-goal-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Close up of a football goal net", "publish_date": "19 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Graduate receives prestigious design shortlisting and is featured in Vogue and GQ", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/gigi-cooke/", "teaser_text": "Gigi’s success is highlighted by her shortlisting for Young Furniture Designer of the Year", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Gigi-Cooke-Design-(1)-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": " A brown sofa with white pillows sits next to a quirky wooden coffee table", "publish_date": "16 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Mel Darbon nominated for children’s book award", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/waterstones-book-prize/", "teaser_text": "Graduate and Associate Lecturer has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2024", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Book-with-leaves-AdobeStock-600x435.jpeg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "An open book with a few leaves laying on the pages", "publish_date": "13 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Graduate tracks down success with detection dogs", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/detection-dogs/", "teaser_text": "Natasha runs a successful business with her best friend... a sniffer dog", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Natasha-Underwood-detector-dogs-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Natasha walking through a field with her dog on a lead", "publish_date": "9 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Student brings childhood circus to life", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/the-ringmaster/", "teaser_text": "Harvey gears up for the first performance of The Ringmaster", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/The-Ringmaster-Crew-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of actors pose for a group shot on stage with a fake dog in front of them", "publish_date": "8 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Spa alum preserves legacy of local town", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/alum-preserves-legacy/", "teaser_text": "Lee helps to preserve the history of his local town in America", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/AdobeStock_626669242-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A bridge spanning a river in a town in rural Ohio", "publish_date": "7 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Writing, Publishing and the Humanities", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Spa University unites with other universities in the West of England on a new manifesto that states that sexual violence and harassment “will not be tolerated”", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/sexual-violence-awareness/", "teaser_text": "Bath Spa has joined other universities in a pledge to tackle sexual violence and harassment", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/SV-Awareness-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A drone view of Bath Spa University", "publish_date": "5 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Simon Haslett’s BBC Timewatch documentary on the “The Killer Wave of 1607” to be rebroadcast", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/timewatch-rebroadcast/", "teaser_text": "Fascinating documentary featuring Bath Spa Professor is being rebroadcast on BBC 4", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Bristol-Channel-AdobeStock-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Aerial view of the Bristol Channel at sunset", "publish_date": "2 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "School of Sciences", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Students interview comedy legend Jo Brand", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/jo-brand-interview/", "teaser_text": "Jo's previous role as a psychiatric nurse makes her an ideal spokesperson for student's dissertation", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Jo-Brand-Interview-Group-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A group of three girls stand with a red-haired woman, posing for a photo", "publish_date": "1 February, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Peter Clegg awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters during Winter Graduation", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/doctor-of-letters/", "teaser_text": "The University awards an honorary degree to the co-founder of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/Peter-Clegg-Winter-Graduation-600x435.jpg", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "A man and two women stand in robes in front of a blue backdrop", "publish_date": "31 January, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" }, { "title": "Bath Spa University London students celebrate graduation in Bath for the first time", "name": "News story", "link": "/news-and-events/news/winter-graduation-2024/", "teaser_text": "Winter Graduation is for students from all campuses and locations", "image_600_435": "/media/bathspaacuk/news-events/students-at-graduation-cheering-600x435.png", "image_110_100": "", "image_alt": "Two rows of students at their final year graduation looking at the stage and cheering. ", "publish_date": "29 January, 2024", "sections_of_website": "", "content_category": "", "tags": "", "profile_type": "", "link_to_profile_1": "", "link_to_profile_2": "", "pin_to_top_of_feed": "", "pin_on_homepage_feed": "", "exclude_from_homepage_feed": "", "featured": "" },

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