Psychology Centre for Health and Cognition – Bath Spa University

The PCHC explores the intersections between health, cognition and the brain, and how those fields influence our interaction with the larger world.

The Psychology Centre for Health and Cognition (PCHC) draws together the expertise of academics from psychology and related disciplines at Bath Spa University to draw together our two areas of expertise: the health of individuals, groups, and populations, and influences of (and influences on) cognition.

The PCHC therefore aims to cross the psychological divide between health and cognition, with an overall focus changing cognition to improve health, and investigating the influence of health and cognition.

Our work is based across two main research clusters: Health, led by Jermaine Ravalier, and Cognition, led by Pete Etchells.


The Centre hosts, sponsors and supports research events at Bath Spa University and within the larger UK. 

If you're planning a conference or symposium that you think comes under the umbrella of research in Psychology, Health and/or Cognition, and you would like the Centre to become involved in supporting it in some way, please email our Centre Directors:

Past events

Brain and Behaviour seminar series

The Brain and Behaviour seminar series is hosted annually by the Department of Psychology and the Psychology Centre for Health and Cognition. You can view all of the schedules and catch up on some of the talks.

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