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TEDxBath – Bath Spa University

TEDxBath is an independent part of the global TED organisation. They aim to share ideas and issues that relate to the Bath community. Their activities are coordinated by a diverse team of local volunteers united by a desire to encourage positive change.

Our mission is to kick-start a new and inclusive conversation about the future of our community and city. We hope people from all backgrounds and walks of life in Bath will come together and join us to share and explore new ideas.

Rhodora Baguilat, Lead Organiser, TEDxBath


The partnership between Bath Spa University and TEDxBath will enable us to create bespoke opportunities for creativity, learning and connection for our students. Inviting young people to be part of relevant conversations is at the heart of TEDxBath's purpose. 

Students of Bath Spa university can get involved in numerous different ways:

  • volunteering directly with the TEDxBath team as an Ambassador, helping to
    spread the word about our events to your communities at Bath Spa university.
  • becoming a volunteer member of the TEDxBath speaker curation team to give
    your voice to important topics and help speakers to review and practise their
  • becoming a member of the Communications team and getting involved with
    the promotion of the event through our social media channels pre, during and post
    this year’s event.
  • getting involved in designing the logo for our next event through your university
    design programme.
  • volunteer opportunities to work with the Production team and Suited & Booted
    film crew.
  • inviting students in photography to take part in pre, during and post-event
    activities working with the Communications team.

Do reach out to them if you are inspired by what you read and would like to get more involved. They are 100% open to your suggestions and are committed to shaping what matters most to you.

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