Our research is diverse and world-leading. Below are some examples of how our work has fostered impact in the public sphere and beyond.

Our researchers are actively engaged in producing innovative work that shapes our understandings of social, medical and political factors around health, cognition and wellbeing. 

By working closely with both internal and external funding bodies, universities and puiblic organisations, we aim to use our research knowledge and expertise to make a transformative difference in people's lives.

Engagement and impact

Talks and workshops

  • Andrew Bengry - Andrew has talked about his NERUPI evaluation framework at a number of events in both Bristol and Bath, including the BSA Bordieu conference, and the Southwest Qualitative Research Symposium 
  • Pete Etchells - Pete has has given talks at events such as Cheltenham Science Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, EGX Rezzed, Edinburgh Literary Festival and New Scientist Live.
  • Scott Jones - Scott has presented his work on cognition and visual perception to such bodies as the US Federal Reserve, the Royal Automobile Club, as well as the universities of Sterling, Exeter and Bath.
  • Jermaine Ravalier - Jermaine has given talks at a number of events, including the keynote at the 2019 Scottish Association of Social Work awards, as well as an invited talk on mental health and wellbeing in the UK public sector at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology.



  • Jermaine Ravalier - Jermaine's work has also had a significant influence on important professional organisations such as the British Association of Social Work and Social Workers Union, and has led to political impacts including questions/statements in the House of Commons, providing evidence to committee inquiries, and a social work working conditions debate in the House of Lords
  • Elaine Wainwright - Elaine has worked with the Department for Work and Pensions on a review of the fit note, and with the Joint Health and Work Unit contributing to a scoping review of occupational health provision in the UK, led by Paula Wegrzynek and her doctoral work, as well as Elaine’s work into sickness certification.

Blogs, websites and online magazines

  • Alex de Sousa - Alex has appeared on the Brain Evolution in the News blog
  • Pete Etchells - Pete was the Guardian’s science blog network coordinator for four years, and co-wrote the Head Quarters blog there from 2013-2018. He currently writes for the Cosmic Shambles Network.
  • Agnieszka Janik-McErlean - Aga's work on ASMR and synaethesia has been covered by various blogs and media outlets including Newsweek and El Pais. 

Conferences and exhibitions

  • Angieszka Janik-McErlean - Organised and co-hosted the UK Synaesthesia Association Conference in London in 2014
  • Agata Vitale - Together with Professor Rebecca McGuire-Skiecus (Psychology, Bath Spa University) and Professor Joseba Achotegui (Psychology, University of Barcelona) Agata is organizing the 9th World Congress on Migration and Mental Health, which will be held at Bath Spa University in October 2020.

Community activities

  • Elaine Wainwright - Elaine has taken part in school outreach talks for students considering studying Psychology at Bath Spa
  • Rui Paulo - Rui collaborates with members of the police force who are interested in developing applied research projects or training programs to promote better police proceedings.

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