What to expect

Wondering what happens on the day of your Graduation ceremony? We explain below, including what happens on stage and how to prepare.

Graduand waves at the audience while crossing the stage at The Forum

What happens at graduation?

After a welcome from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor or University Secretary, the academic procession enters the auditorium.

The running order for each Graduation ceremony will be as follows:

  • The ceremony is declared open
  • Vice-Chancellor’s or Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s address
  • Any honorary awards will be presented
  • We'll present you with your awards
  • Chancellor's address
  • The ceremony is declared closed
  • The academic procession will leave, followed by students and then their guests.

We expect each ceremony to last about 60-90 minutes.

Once your ceremony has finished, we advise you to remember to return your hired gowns to the gowning room at Bath College by the specified time on the same day.

Graduands chatting excitedly to each other while sitting in the audience at a graduation ceremony

Things to remember

You must have registered online by the deadline so that we have a space for you.

In order for your name to be called out at the ceremony, you must register at the Forum before your ceremony. Please come to the Forum no earlier than an hour before your ceremony.

Gowning and photography will open 2 hours before and close 30 minutes before the start of your ceremony. 

The auditorium will open around 45 minutes before the ceremony begins and live music will play as people take their seats.

Remember, you must be registered, robed and seated at least 20 minutes before the ceremony is due to start as we can’t admit latecomers. We'll be checking tickets prior to entry, so please allow time for this.

Graduand shakes hands with the Chancellor

What happens when we present your award?

  • Stewards will direct you to the side of the stage at the correct time
  • Your name will be read out by a member of staff from your School
  • You’ll cross the stage to the centre to be congratulated by the Chancellor, or another senior member of staff
  • You’ll then leave the stage on the opposite side and stewards will direct you back to your seat

Please don't carry anything with you onto the stage.