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This year, we celebrated Black History Month 2023 with a brand new series of exciting events including talks, film screenings and workshops.

"Black children are more likely to live in poverty... Black students do worse in our education system. Black students make less progress in school between ages 11 and 16, meaning despite starting high school at a relatively similar level, they make much less progress than almost all other ethnicities. The same happens in Higher Education (Universities), where we perform less well despite having the same entering grades as our peers."

Dr Jermaine Ravalier, Reader in Work and Wellbeing, Psychology

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We're proud partners of Fairfield House

Fairfield House is a cultural centre in Bath, with the important historical background of being the former residence of Ethiopian Emperor Haile I and family, and headquarters of the exiled Ethiopian Government, during Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia, 1936-1941.

We're proud to partner with Fairfield House on Black History Month and other initiatives. Fairfield House is home to Imperial Voice Radio, who are also partnering with us on Black History Month.

“At Fairfield House we believe Black History Month is vitally important, and every month at Fairfield is Black History Month. We believe that Black history is not just about the past that is beyond living memory, but also about the everyday. Black history is continually being made, and it is as important to tell the stories of the Black experience today, as those in the distant past. You all have stories to tell, and at Fairfield House and Imperial Radio we are passionate about those narratives being heard."

Dr Shawn Sobers, Fairfield House Trustee

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