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Black Lives Matter – Bath Spa University

Black Lives Matter

Thursday, 4 June, 2020

The world feels much smaller this week and although more physically distanced, we are emotionally stood together as one community, saying no, we will not tolerate or accept racism, violence, harassment or discrimination.

Sadly, the shocking death of George Floyd is a distressing reminder of the reality of racism faced by many people on a daily basis around the world.  

We utterly condemn any form of harassment or discrimination, including racism or racist behaviour. We recognise we are not perfect. We have our own challenges at Bath Spa and our Equality and Diversity Committee is leading us in finding meaningful ways to work in partnership with the Students’ Union, staff and students to address issues of racism and inequality.

Bath Spa is a caring and compassionate community and we are all responsible for protecting each other from offence or harm. We urge all our staff and students to not be bystanders and to confront racism. Together, we must work harder and do better to address issues of inequality by educating ourselves, learning about, and for our white staff and students checking your own white privilege.

Bath Spa University is a place where everyone is welcome. Please watch this powerful performance: ‘Black And Beautiful’ written by a group of young black people aged 11-16. Their message was recorded, arranged and mixed by Bath Spa Commercial Music alumni, Heidi Roxton and expresses their aspirations, inspirations, experiences and beliefs.

Please also read this important statement from our Students’ Union which includes a list of useful resources to help us all better support and understand the movement for change.

In all of our interaction, in person and online, it is important to be thoughtful and respectful in our actions and words. We have commissioned ‘Report and Support’ to provide a platform for anyone to report any form of racism or discriminatory behaviour.

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