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Ioannis Christopoulos – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

As an architect and interior designer, Ioannis has combined experience in practice, research and teaching. He works with the BA (Hons) Interior Design team to develop the course as well teaching undergraduate students directly as a lecturer. He prepares and delivers lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials that promote innovation in teaching methods and learning. Ioannis also assists with the curriculum development, planning and timetabling of the teaching sessions and helps the course to establish and maintain liaisons with external partners who are active design professionals.

As a practitioner, he has worked on residential and commercial projects of different scales. He seeks to create sustainable, innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces that improve people’s well-being and create pleasant experiences. He specialises in retail, office, hospitality and leisure design. He follows a sustainable approach to the projects that he undertakes and his main goal is to create buildings that are energy efficient and make the occupants feel thermally comfortable. He also encourages the students to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials and repurpose objects in their projects.

His main research theme investigates which factors affect the productivity and well-being of workers at work and how we can redesign our work spaces in order to make employees feel safe and comfortable. Recent studies have shown that people prefer the office space to provide employees with many options and offer a variety of settings in terms of work spaces. It is a fact that the effective control of the internal temperature and the natural light that enters a space can improve the living conditions of the workers significantly and can affect their wellness. His aim is to design interior spaces that are flexible, adaptable and able to respond to the changing needs of the users.

Academic qualifications

  • Diploma in Architecture
  • MA Interior Design
  • MSc Environmental Design and Engineering.

Teaching specialism and areas of expertise

  • Retail design
  • Hospitality design
  • Office design.

You can talk to Ioannis about:

  • Internships
  • Mentoring
  • Study trips.

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