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Charlotte Harryman – Bath Spa University

 Student profile 

Course: MA Curatorial Practice

Artist's statement

I studied my Bachelors degree in Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire and am currently working towards my Masters at Bath Spa. I live in a small town in Hampshire that borders on Surrey and Berkshire where I find inspiration in the relationships between my family and friends. 

In my art practice, I use my own personal relationships to influence my work, using video to portray this to an audience, which allows them to relate to my own circumstances. Family and friends are a strong influence on my work as I attempt to portray my own perceptions of them, alongside their beliefs of themselves.

In my curatorial practice, I am embarking on a journey of community-based artwork, creating an art hub in the town I live in and the surrounding areas. This project is not only to expand on the small art presence in the area, but also to create a physical space where art can be shown to local residents. The personal connection to my current project has allowed me to create a positive relationship with the community, which has greatly benefited my individual development.

The Curatorial Practice MA allowed me to explore the physical idea of being a curator, and gave me a better understanding of how to situate myself and my practice within the art world. Through this course, I have learned how to be a critical curator, not a fussy artist, reaching the audience through the placement of artwork and the overall themes of my exhibitions. I have also been able to reach viewers using exhibition advertisement on social media, poster design, and through face-to-face interaction.

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