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Landscaping Change – Bath Spa University

Landscaping Change

What happens when the places we know change? Changes to the material fabric of place can subtly alter or deeply disturb the experience of those whose sense of identity and belonging may be entangled with that place.

During 2015-2016, Landscaping Change hosted a series of events, following by a conference, which explored the meaning of place for the diverse people who live, work, or play there.

In the next stage of the project, Landscaping Change will build networks with writers, artists, humanities scholars and local community groups and charities, in order to explore how we value and respond to place, and how such care and concern can inform thinking on how changes to environments can be made to work for local wildlife and connected ecologies, and for local people.

Outputs, outcomes, impact

Four engagement events and a conference involving community groups and charities, including Blue Finger Alliance, Sustains, Flagged Up, Bristol Loves Tides, Monkton Wyld Intentional Community

Press and Media

Storify: Landscaping Change conference 2016

Funding Sources

British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award 2015-2016; British Academy Rising Star Follow-on Funding 2016-2017.

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