Past Events

Our events and performances explore and challenge the dialogue around the body, dance, and creative practice.

Below are a sample of the past events and performances supported by the Creative Corporealities Research Group, some in conjunction with the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries and the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities.

Rosalind Crisp - DIRtywork

13 November 2019

A performance lecture about DIRt (Dance In Regional disaster zones), a collaborative Australian project that asks how dance might embody, understand and connect to the extinction crisis in Australia. DIRt is an ongoing research project led by dancer/choreographer Rosalind Crisp, with artists and ecologists in the devastated forests of East Gippsland, South Eastern Australia. Collaborators include Vic McEwan, Andrew Morrish and Peter Fraser.

How does my choreographic practice of responding to how things are constantly changing in my body create the conditions for a bodily-choreographic responsiveness to these damaged places? Rosalind Crisp is a senior Australian dance artist. In 2015 France awarded her a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres.

Body IQ Festival - Somatische Akademie Berlin

15 - 17 November 2019
Organisers: Kai Ehrhardt and Thomas Kampe

BODY IQ is an international symposium and festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating bodies. Without the body there is no experience and without experience there is no ground for intelligence. It is a festival of and by the conscious body - ensuring discovery, exchange and unexpected synergies.

Clare Qualmann - Perambulator

5 June 2019

Walking artist Clare Qualmann in conversation with Richard White, discussed her project Perambulator - an ongoing walking artwork with prams and pushchairs that explores interruptions and encumbrances, and the renegotiations of space and time and matter.

Nita Little - Researching Relational Intelligence

22 May 2019

Nita Little presented her research: ‘Researching Relational Intelligence’, which asked the question - is there another “human” we can embody?

Mary Steadman also presented ‘Dwelling’, which considered how the past and future can be haunted by spectral presence. She quesionted the implications this has for performance and some of the findings that have emerged so far which focus on the performer's body as site for haunting.

Laila Diallo and Michelle Elliot - Choreographing in Troubled Times: The Politics of Negotiation

8 May 2019

Dance maker Laïla Diallo, while in conversation with Michelle Elliott, discussed the role of the choreographer in the current climate of political and cultural turmoil.

Exploring ideas around identity, nationality, agency and negotiation, the discussion explored Laïla’s current choreographic practice within the context of the wider political discourse. In what ways can dance as a creative force be able to instigate social and political change beyond the boundaries of the discipline? And can choreographic practices offer a vision of negotiation that provides a way forward in these troubled times?

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