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Letterpress Printing – Bath Spa University

Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, Future explores the survival and use of historical printing equipment, and what it has to tell us about the textual cultures of past, present and future.

Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, Future is an AHRC funded research network that aims to explore the past and present implications of letterpress printing and technology.

As a contributor to this network, the Making Books Research Centre will be hosting the third in this series of workshops, entitled Letterpress in the Digital Age. Print and digital are often considered as antagonists, with the former imperilled by the latter, and yet the relationship between these two technologies is fraught with complexities. This workshop will examine the interconnected histories of print and digital technologies, and consider how each can help us learn about the other.

Past workshops were run at Winterbourne House, University of Birmingham and the National Print Museum, Dublin, and the final conference will be held in Leeds University in July.

Further particulars


This event will be held on our Sion Hill campus on 16 April 2018.

Tickets and registration

Attendance is free but participants will need to register prior to the event.

Programme of events

A full programme of events for the day can be found on the event page's website

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