Power Control Reading Group

Power:Control is a monthly postgraduate reading group exploring topics of cultural power dynamics and social systems in an informal setting

The Power:Control reading group provides a friendly monthly session for Bath Spa PhDs and anyone else interested in discussing the topics of cultural power dynamics and social systems in an informal setting. We use this space to consider how such issues relate to our own research and promote critical thinking and confident articulation of viewpoints in a relaxed environment.

Different members host each time, selecting a text (e.g. article/essay/podcast) for discussion with the group. Venues alternate between Bristol (The Canteen) and Bath (The Globe Inn), according to the host's preference.

Members come from a wide range of academic fields and interests; from museum studies to creative writing, education, disability studies and music. We welcome the breadth of perspectives and approaches that such an eclectic group brings.


Stephanie Harvey

Stephanie is a PhD candidate working in Disability and Cultural studies. Her work takes a critical ethnographic approach to consider marginalisation, intersectionality and mental health issues.

Jillian Sutherland

Jillian’s PhD research focuses on the relationship between curatorship and audience engagement in 'small' museums in the South West of England, bringing together museum curatorial practice and scholarship. Her work adopts an interdisciplinary, mixed-methods approach, falling across the Social Sciences, Art History, Museum Studies and Heritage Studies. 


26 April

Host: Harry Matthews
Text: 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts: “World Music” and the Commodification of Religious Experience’, Steven Feld (2011)

25 March

Host: Jillian Sutherland
Text: 'Intellectuals, the ’information society’ and the disappearance of the public sphere', P. Elliott (1982)

18 February

Host: Stephanie Harvey
Text: ‘Capitalism and the permissive society’, Samuel Brittan (1997)

28 January

Host: Group member
Podcast: The Lady Vanishes, Revisionist Histories (Episode 1), Malcolm Gladwell (2018)

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