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Careers FAQ – Bath Spa University

Answers to almost everything you've ever wanted to ask our Careers team about jobs, placements and more

Job and career support

Can you help me with or check my CV?

Of course! We have a guide to a great CV that summarises the most important points for creating this important document. We also regularly run a workshop on the subject of writing your CV and cover letter that you can book on MyCareer.

If you'd still like assistance, we'd be happy to check over your CV if you submit it to us through MyCareer's Ask a Question feature. Simply attach your CV and pop us a link to the job that you'll be using it to apply for and we'll get back to you.

Can I book an appointment with a member of the Careers team?

We'd be happy to meet with you and give advice on the subject you'd like help with. Please book an appointment on MyCareer and let us know in as much detail as possible what you'd like to chat about so that we can prepare the best support to explain and present to you.

I have a question for the Careers advisors, but I don't want to, or can't, book an appointment. What can I do?

No problem – if you can't find the answer you're looking for amongs our Resources and can't make an appointment, you can ask us a question directly via MyCareer.

I'm looking for part-time work during my studies. Can you help me with this?

Yes – please check MyCareer for any current on-campus vacancies and part-time opportunities advertised by local businesses in the city.

We also have a great guide to finding a part-time job which gives an overview of things to consider and includes a range of other websites that will aid in your search.

You should also make decisions on some important points before applying for part-time jobs, such as:

  • How far can you travel? How long will this take and what will it cost?
  • Do you want to work throughout the year or go home for the holidays?
  • How many hours do you want to work? (Please keep in mind that students should only work up to 15 hours per week during term time.)

Good luck with your job hunting!

I'm a graduate. What support is available for me?

Recent graduates can continue to receive dedicated support from the Grad Support Unit in the Careers and Employability team by registering for a Graduate account on MyCareer. This will give you access to several services such as dedicated one-to-one appointments and our Graduate Placement Scheme.

If you graduated between 18 and 36 months ago, we still look forward to supporting you when you register for a Graduate account as detailed in our graduate support package.

Finding a placement

Do I need to find my own placement?

Yes, it's your responsibility to find and secure a suitable placement. Depending on which degree you're studying and modules you're taking, you'll be able to attend lectures and seminars to ensure that you're well-equipped to conduct a successful placement search.

The Placements Team are always available to support you with your search, and you can ask them a question on MyCareer. They also provide exclusive internships as part of the Bath Spa Works scheme that are suitable for use with many placement modules.

How do I start my search for a placement?

We have some fantastic online resources including our guide to finding a placement and a range of  that include links to many job-searching websites, and businesses from across the country also advertise placement opportunities through MyCareer.

Another great place to start your placement search is Rate My Placement, which is a general placements website and regularly advertises placements of various lengths.

If you can’t find an advertised placement that suits you, you may want to consider applying speculatively to companies. We have a useful guide to making speculative applications that will help.

If you would like further support, please do reach out to the Placements Team by asking a question on MyCareer.

Professional Placement Year (PPY)

What is a PPY?

The PPY takes place in between your second and final year and is based around an extended period of work experience (at least nine months), tutorials and timetabled sessions, making your degree studies four years long in total. You'll receive ongoing support from the Placements Team in the lead-up to your year in industry, as well as while you're on placement.

To find out more about the PPY, please take a look at The PPY Expression of Interest Pathway on MyCareer.

I'm interested in doing a PPY but am not on a four year course. What should I do?

If you're in your first or second year, please complete The PPY Expression of Interest Pathway on MyCareer. Submitting your interest in this way doesn't commit you to taking a PPY or automatically change your degree to a four-year course - that only happens once you secure a placement opportunity - but it will grant you access to the further support offered through timetabled lectures (and their recordings), dedicated one-to-one appointments with Placements Team advisors, and more in-depth information and resources on the dedicated MyCareer PPY First Year or Second Year Pathway.

How many hours and weeks do I need to complete on my PPY?

The PPY allocates 1,190 hours of independent study, and at least 900 of those hours are expected to be completed on placement over a minimum of 30 weeks after you've completed exams at the end of your second year (typically from June), but must be completed by 30 September of the following year.

What do I need to do with my Record of Hours log?

You'll need to record your hours worked on the Professional Placement Year On-Placement Pathway on MyCareer.

Can I do more than one placement?

You can do multiple placements, and how many you do depends on your individual plans. Simply mention this to the Placements Team during an appointment or by letting them know through the ask a question feature on MyCareer.

Can I do any work experience, any time, to count towards my PPY?

No, your PPY takes place between your second and third year of university and the placement should provide a genuine learning experience and be beneficial to your future career goals.

When you complete the Self-Sourced Placement Form, you'll need to explain clearly why the experience will benefit your future career. Only placements that have been pre-approved by the Placements Team can count towards the module. You shouldn't start your placement until this approval has been given.

If you're unsure, you should contact the Placements Team by asking a question or booking an appointment on MyCareer.

When can I start my PPY?

You can start any time after you've completed exams at the end of your second year (typically from June), but must be completed by 30 September of the following year.

I have a query about my PPY assessment. Who can I ask?

Academic queries should be directed to your PPY Tutor. This will usually be a member of staff from your subject area who will introduce themselves to you before you go on placement. If you're unsure who your tutor is, please contact the Placements team by asking a question on MyCareer.

I no longer want to go on a PPY. What should I do?

If you no longer want to go on a PPY, you need to inform the Placements Team by asking a question on MyCareer. You'll then be given an 'Application to Change to a Three-Year Degree' form, and once this is completed your details will be passed to Timetabling who will finalise the change.

If you've only ever expressed an interest in taking a PPY, you won't have been converted to a four-year degree so once you've informed the Placements Team you'll simply carry on to your final year.

By what date do I need to secure my PPY?

You need to have secured your PPY by 31 August at the end of your second year and need to have had your Self-Sourced Placement Form approved by the team.

Other questions

What is the Placement Award?

If you find that you need financial support to take a placement with regards to paying for travel, food, accommodation or clothes, you may want to apply for the Placements Award, which is a grant of up to £300 to help with these costs.

You'll be asked to fill in an application form and provide evidence of your placement. This will be reviewed by a panel before a decision is made. Retrospective applications will not be considered so please apply before or while you're undertaking your placement.

I’m interested in a school-based placement. Who should I talk to?

All school-based queries should be sent to the Partnership Office by emailing

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