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Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund

Brief description

If you're facing unexpected financial difficulty the Student Funding Team may be able to help. You can contact the team at

Most awards from the fund don't need to be repaid. Eligibility for the Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund is restricted to EU (pre-settled) and International fee status undergraduate and postgraduate students who meet the criteria below.

Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund

About the fund

The Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund provides limited discretionary financial support for full-time international and EU (pre-settled) students who are experiencing financial difficulty and are in need of emergency funding.

You must have made realistic provision at the start of the course to fund your tuition fees and living costs throughout your course. These arrangements must have been affected by unforeseen circumstances or events beyond your control, occurring after the start of your course.

Changes in exchange rates are not usually considered unexpected. Some costs should be determined before study. For example, rent costs should be agreed before the commencement of the academic year. If you're repeating your course then there must be extenuating circumstances.

The Bath Spa University Overseas Emergency Access Fund is intended to support a temporary financial difficulty rather than be a main source of income. Awards are discretionary and even if you meet the criteria to apply, awards are not guaranteed. 

The size of the fund is limited and we may not be able to meet your need in full or guarantee that funds will be available, especially towards the end of an academic year.


Eligibility is based on:

  • Having made realistic provision before the start of your course to fund both tuition fees and living costs for the full duration of your course (proof needed when you apply). These arrangements should have been affected by unforeseen circumstances or events beyond your control, after starting University.
  • Being fully registered and in full-time attendance.
  • EU (pre-settled status) or international student in attendance on a programme lasting one year (for example an MA) or in the final year of an UG or PhD programme. If you've studied for more than one year before you complete your course then the difficulty must be short term. 
  • Demonstrating you meet the criteria on the application form.
  • Showing that you have exhausted all other sources of international funding available to you. For example, government study loans. 
How to apply

The fund is open for continuing students from Semester one. However, new students are not expected to apply until Semester two onwards. Contact for an application form with a brief explanation on why you want to apply.

Please note that before we can send you an application form you'll need to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria above.

This will mean providing personal information in your email to request an application form. This will be treated in confidence and not shared without permission. However, you may be referred for additional support as appropriate (such as Student Wellbeing Services).

Further information about applying

When making your application, please ensure you answer all relevant questions on the application form, including ticking the appropriate boxes.


Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is required in all cases. The documentation required will vary depending on the circumstances of your case and must be supplied with your application. Only use attachments. Please do not link to any documents.

Photos of supporting documentation are acceptable. In certain circumstances, you may be contacted separately and asked to supply relevant original documents.

The full requirement details are available on the application form.

Decision and notification

If your application isn't complete, or further information and documents are needed, you'll be contacted via email within five working days. This may extend the time taken to make a decision on your application.

We'll send you the decision via email with the outcome of your application. If you're granted an award, we'll provide full details on how you'll receive it. Applicants won't be contacted over the phone so please check your Bath Spa email.


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