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Bath Spa Awards – Bath Spa University

Gain recognition for your achievements and boost your employability with the Bath Spa Award.

Attended a student wellbeing workshop? That counts.

Went to work today? That counts.

Signed up to support the SU? You get the picture.

Your learning activities count towards the Bath Spa Award, no matter whether they take place inside or outside of university, or in a paid or unpaid role. Use the activities that you'd already be doing to generate hours and put you in the driving seat of a bronze, silver, or gold award.

This award is given as a certificate and you will be given the chance to expand your networks through various exclusive events only open to Bath Spa Award and MentorMe students.

Those undertaking the Bath Spa Award will also receive an invite to a celebration event in May to celebrate their success.

As a current undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, you'll be developing your self-awareness, building your skillset, gaining experience and learning new things that will support your employability and future career journey.

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“The Bath Spa Award provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my learning at university and the amazing experiences I have been lucky to have. The award has helped me to consider what steps I need to take to support my career and future aspirations.”

Bath Spa Award recipient

So why do it? 

This award gives you the time to reflect on the activities you undertake and see how they inform and support your future. 

You'll cover five themes:

  • Get Thinking 
  • Get Informed 
  • Get Digital 
  • Get Experience 
  • Get Networking 

Be curious and try new workshops, meet new friends and learn skills along the way. Be creative by collating your evidence and produce a reflective piece on your experiences – the more creative, the better! Use Adobe Portfolio to create a poster, story or audio-visual report to enter into a prize draw at the celebration event.

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions about the Bath Spa Awards, please submit a query on MyCareer and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Head over to MyCareer and check out the events calendar to browse related upcoming events.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information on this page relates specifically to the Bath Spa Award available for 2023/24.

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