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Spotlight on Business – Bath Spa University

Putting a spotlight on Business at BSU

Monday, 17 June, 2024

This week we’re celebrating everything to do with Business at Bath Spa University. We will be shining a spotlight and hearing stories about the outstanding work of our students, staff and alumni both within the Business School and beyond, in a broad range of industries and sectors from the business world.  

The Bath Business School (BBS) works hard to adopt social inclusion as a core value, firmly believing that everyone deserves a chance to study and thrive in business as a career. In fact, through this inclusive work, the BBS has widened student participation on their courses, with 96% of students studying with partnered organisations being mature and 81% of students across the BBS not having a parent who studied at a higher education level. 

There’s something for everyone at BSU, and by bringing ‘Professional Creativity’ into our business course curriculum we equip our students with the skills and resources they need to shine and meet the challenges of the modern world. 

Studying Business creatively at BSU 

We’re aware of the importance of providing our students with the creative flair to innovate, work and succeed in the ever-changing business landscape. That’s why we pride ourselves on keeping the courses in the Bath Business School up to date and relevant with all the newest changes in the industry. 

We are committed to cultivating creatively minded, socially conscious and inventive future professionals through our teaching practice. We offer a wide range of courses in our Business School that follow this same ethos; 

BA (Hons) Business and Management 

For students searching for a fully-rounded knowledge of the theory and practice of modern business, look no further than our BA (Hons) in Business and Management. 

Flexibility and the chance to think beyond the limits is key to this degree. It’s designed to allow students to shape their degree to what they really want to study, with a wide range of optional modules to choose from. Delve into your passions and equip yourself with the academic skills to pursue your dream career. 

Moreover, our Business and Management degree offers the opportunity to specialise through a multitude of pathways, allowing students to take a crucial step towards their career aspirations even before they graduate. You can choose one of the following specialisms: 

BA (Hons) Marketing 

With a firm focus on shaping the voice, image, and character of businesses worldwide, our BA (Hons) in Marketing prepares students for whatever the fast-paced industry will throw their way. You’ll learn the key fundamentals of marketing through a wide array of modules that focus on everything from global communication strategies to hosting festivals and events, and leave university equipped with a toolkit of essential digital and creative skills to create cutting-edge campaigns. 

Marketing students at BSU can also choose to work towards an accredited qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) alongside their degree, allowing them to graduate one step ahead of their industry peers. 

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Management 

Any students looking to jumpstart their business career in the fashion industry would be best suited to our BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Management degree. We focus on granting you the opportunity to grow as a creative thinker, with modules that build your aesthetic, academic and practical skillset whilst also encouraging you to look for new ideas that could change the industry on a global scale. 

Our students have gone on to work with fashion brands worldwide after graduating, applying the key skills they have learnt to campaigns with New Look, Uggs, The North Face, and more. 

BA (Hons) Sports Management 

Our BA (Hons) Sports Management has been designed to give you insider knowledge of the sporting world and set you up to help lead the industry into the future. With a teaching approach that combines event management, creative marketing, and team leadership with guest lectures from real professionals working in the industry today, you’ll learn the ins and outs of sport and its impact on worldwide cultural sectors.  

By learning to address and creatively adapt to the ever-evolving world of sport, this degree equips you with the confidence to make real change in the industry. 

BSc (Hons) Business Psychology 

Understanding how people think is key to the business world; how we react to marketing materials, trending products, the science of group dynamics and how that affects what we consume, and more. The BSc (Hons) Business Psychology degree at BSU addresses exactly that. It considers how the world of work is shaped by thought, and how this knowledge can be applied to good business practice.  

We encourage our students to ask questions, think of new and inventive solutions, and address age-old theories from different angles, to make their own mark on the world of Business Psychology. Unleash your enterprising talents through a course grounded in professional development, and graduate with the confidence and experience to enter the professional sphere. 

LLB (Hons) Law 

Take an inventive approach to a subject grounded in years of tradition and history. Our LLB (Hons) Law degree offers students a wide understanding of the legal system whilst also introducing them to new and exciting ways to tackle the business of law. The final year spent working in The Bath Law Clinic, in collaboration with Stone King LLP and the Citizens Advice Bureau, allows students to develop their new approaches in action, through coming up with creative solutions with real-world cases affecting the people of Bath. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Our Business School is not the only area of BSU that emphasizes creativity as a core skill of professional success. It’s an incredibly important aspect of our work at the University; we are professionally creative, after all.

As the working world continues to constantly change, BSU students are adapting alongside it, allowing themselves to shine amongst their peers, and pioneering new ideas of how we do business. 

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