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Freedom of Information – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is committed to the principle of making official information accessible.

"The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities."

– Information Commissioner's Office

Our publicly available information

Who we are and what we do
Description      Information
Information relating to the legal and corporate status of the institution.     Legal framework
Information on how Bath Spa University is structured.   Organisation chart
Contact details for the institution, and the main departments you may find useful.   Contact us
Organisations we are responsible for:  
Organisations we work in partnership with     On request 
Who we sponsor     On request  
Companies wholly or partially owned by Bath Spa University    

Bath Spa U Ltd

Bath Spa Venues Ltd 

All information relating to the operation and activities of the Students' Union, including clubs and societies can be found on their website. They are a separate organisation to the University, and are regulated by the Charity Commission.     Bath Spa University Students' Union website


What we spend and how we spend it
Description      Information
Funding and income     On request  
Financial statements, budgets, and variance reports   Financial statements
Expenditure over £25,000   Expenditure over £25,000 2019-20
Financial audit reports   On request  
Capital programme     On request  
Financial regulations and procedures     On request  
Staff allowances and expenses     On request  
Staff pay and grading structures     On request  
Register of suppliers     On request  
Procurement and tender procedures and reports   On request  
Contracts   On request  
Research Funding   On request  


What our priorities are and how we are doing
Description      Information
Annual Report     On request
Corporate and business plans   Vision and values 
Teaching and learning strategy   On request 
Academic quality and standards     Quality and standards 
Privacy impact assessments (in full or summary format)     On request 
Corporate relations     On request 
Government and regulatory reports     On request 
The HEI’s compliance with its duties under the Equality Act 2010     On request 


How we make decisions
Description      Information
Agendas, officers’ reports, background papers and minutes from governing body, Council / Senate, academic boards, steering groups and committees     On request
Teaching and learning committee minutes   On request 
Minutes of staff / student consultation meetings   On request 
Appointment committees and procedures     On request 


Our policies and procedures
Description      Information
Policies and procedures for conducting HEI business     On request
Procedures and policies relating to academic services   On request 
Procedures and policies relating to student services   On request 
Procedures and policies relating to human resources     On request 
Pay policy statement   On request 
Procedures and policies relating to recruitment   On request 
Code of Conduct for members of governing bodies   On request 
Equality and Diversity policies; Equality Scheme   On request 
Health and Safety   On request 
Estate management   On request 
Complaints policy    
Records management and personal data policies   On request 
Fileplans   On request 
Research policy and strategy   On request 
Publicly funded research outputs and data   On request 
Charging regimes and policies   On request 


Lists and registers
Description      Information
Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers     On request
Asset registers   On request 
Information asset register   On request 
CCTV     On request 
Disclosure logs   Disclosure log
Any register of interests kept in the HEI.   On request 
Register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior staff   On request 
Senior staff’s declaration of interests   On request 
The services we offer
Description      Information
Prospectus     Order a prospectus
Services for outside bodies   On request 
Course content   See course search on homepage
Course fees     Student Finance
Funding, such as grants and bursaries, available to students from the HEI   On request 
Services for which the HEI is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees   On request 
Welfare and counselling services   On request 
Health including medical services   On request 
Careers   Careers and Enterprise 
Chaplaincy services   On request 
Sports and recreational facilities   On request 
Facilities relating to music, art and other cultural activities   On request 
Museums, libraries, special collections and archives   On request 
Conference facilities   Bath Spa Venues
Advice and guidance   On request 
Media releases   News and Events 
Disclosure log

Bath Spa University actively publishes previous requests made under the Freedom of Information Act. Please visit our Disclosure Log page to view previous requests.

Please note that some information is currently available on request while it is digitised for our new website.

How to submit a request for information

We endeavour to publish information online where listed in the ICO's Model Publication Scheme, where we hold electronic copies of documents. Sometimes information usually available online may be temporarily available for download if it is being updated or has yet to be published. For information not available from our published content above, you can submit a request to the Freedom of Information Officer.

A member of the public requiring access to information must make a written request, which can be submitted by post or email, via the contact details below:

Freedom of Information Officer
Bath Spa University
Newton Park
Newton St Loe


Data Protection Act requests

Making a request for personal information

Requests for data we may hold about you must be submitted in writing to the Data Protection Officer, and fall outside of our Freedom of Information Act duties. For further information on how to make a request, see our Data Protection policy.

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