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Library regulations – Bath Spa University

This policy governs access and use of the University library facilities


For the purpose of these regulations, 'Library' means 'Library and Learning Services'. 'Users' means any person using the Library buildings, facilities and services.

Lack of awareness of these regulations will not be accepted as a legitimate reason for contravening them.


  1. All users of the University libraries are required to be aware of and observe these regulations.

  2. Users will be required to produce their own Library/ID card when borrowing items or at the request of Library or other University staff.

  3. Users may only use their own Library/ID card: transfer of cards is not permitted. Users remain responsible for all loans registered to their cards.

  4. A charge may be made for replacement cards, other than for stolen cards where a police incident number is provided.

  5. All users must comply with the current University Safety, Health and Environment regulations.

Membership and access

  1. Membership of the Library is available to all registered students and staff of the University.
  2. Membership of the Library may also be available to external users (on payment of the relevant fee) or to members of other HE institutions on registration with the SCONUL Access scheme. The Head of Library Services has the discretion to waive any fees.
  3. Access to the libraries is available during advertised opening hours and users are required to leave promptly at closing times.


  1. All users are required to treat Library staff and other users with courtesy and respect at all times and to be considerate of the study needs of others.
  2. Study areas may be designated quiet, silent, for collaborative working, etc. Users should observe the designation for each area and abide by it.
  3. Users are required to respect the library buildings and not cause damage to the fabric, furniture or fittings.
  4. Users must not mark, damage or deface Library books or other materials.
  5. Unacceptable behaviour toward Library staff or other users will not be tolerated and may be dealt with according to the University’s Harassment Policy or Student General Regulations. The Head of Library Services also reserves the right to refer any such user to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience).
  6. Mobile phones should be set to silent while in the libraries.
  7. Personal possessions brought into the libraries remain the responsibility of the owner.
  8. Users leaving the libraries must show the books or other materials in their possession if requested to do so by Library or other University staff. Users may also be required to open for inspection any bag or other receptacle being carried out of the libraries. If the gate alarm sounds, users should return immediately and speak to a member of Library staff.
  9. When the fire alarm sounds, users should leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit and follow the instructions of Library or Security staff or the emergency services.
  10. Users may have covered drinks anywhere in the libraries. Cold food may be consumed in the foyers of the Newton Park library. Hot food is not permitted in the library. Waste should be recycled or disposed of in the bins provided.
  11. Filming, photography or performances may be allowed with permission from the Head of Library Services after completing the relevant forms and undertaking risk assessments. At least 24 hours’ notice is required.
  12. Animals other than accredited assistance dogs registered with a member organisation of Assistance Dogs UK (or international equivalent) are not allowed in the libraries.
  13. If they come into the libraries, young people under 18 who are not Bath Spa University registered students should be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. The University’s Code of Practice Safeguarding Children, Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults on Bath Spa University premises also applies.


  1. Loan entitlements and loan periods are listed on the Library website.
  2. All loans must be issued on the self-service kiosks or by a member of Library staff.
  3. Users are responsible for ensuring that all loans are renewed or returned before the date due. Guidance on renewing is available on the Library website.
  4. Items on loan may be reserved by another user. Once returned, these items are held for a short period only. Details are on the Library website.
  5. Items on loan are subject to recall if reserved by another user. If recalled, the loan period will be reduced.
  6. Fines will be charged on items that have been recalled and are not returned by the end of the reduced loan period.
  7. Any items that are not returned to the library or renewed within 28 days of the due date may be invoiced for the replacement cost, and an invoice handling charge may be applied. Full details are available on the library website.
  8. Users must return all loans and clear all outstanding debts before leaving the University.
  9. Library notices, including reminders and overdues, are sent to users’ Bath Spa University email addresses. These are for courtesy only and users remain responsible for any loans outstanding on their account.

Open access IT facilities

  1. Users of computers in the libraries are required to abide by the University’s Regulations for the Use of Computer Facilities.
  2. Laptops and other devices may also be used in the libraries in accordance with the above Regulations.
  3. Usernames and passwords, which also allow access to electronic resources, must not be shared at any time.


  1. All copying and scanning is subject to copyright law and the University’s Copyright Policy. Guidance notices are on display near the equipment.
  2. Users of the Library’s electronic resources must comply with the terms of the appropriate licence. If required, this information is available from the Library.
  3. Data from the Library’s electronic resources may only be used for the purpose of learning, teaching, non-commercial research and personal educational development. Such data may not be used for consultancy or commercial research, nor by students on placement or part-time courses for the benefit of their employers.
Updated: September 2023
Next review: September 2024

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