Considering applying to Bath Spa University for a PhD or MPhil? Please contact an academic representative first – you'll be able to discuss your proposed project and potential supervision arrangements.

Before you apply

We require you to contact an appropriate academic to discuss your situation and research proposal before submitting a full application. A full list can be found in the drop down menus below, organised by school and field. The academic contacted must be named in the application form.

You'll also need to arrange for two academic references to be provided. Referees must be able to comment on your academic ability and suitability for your proposed research project. Please reference-request-form-2018 and send it to each of your referees; the form is to be used as a guideline to show areas we would expect to be included within a reference. Please ask your referees to send their references to you, for you to upload later with your application documents.

College of Liberal Arts

Writing and Performance

Hongji Yang

Alison Hems

Higher Degrees Tutors

Dr Tracy Brain: 01225 875653, t.brain@bathspa.ac.uk

Amanda Bayley: a.bayley@bathspa.ac.uk

Subject Level Tutors

Culture and Environment

Higher Degrees Tutor

Alison Lee (a.c.lee@bathspa.ac.uk)

Bath Business School

Higher Degrees Tutor

Mark Loon (m.loon@bathspa.ac.uk)

Digital Academy

Higher Degrees Tutor

Benjamin Ramsey (b.ramsay@bathspa.ac.uk)

Bath School of Art and Design


Higher Degrees Tutor

Mr Robin Marriner: 01225 875594, r.marriner@bathspa.ac.uk


Higher Degrees Tutor

Mr Robin Marriner: 01225 875594, r.marriner@bathspa.ac.uk

Institute for Education

Higher Degrees Tutor

Dr Mary Stakelum: 01225 876703, m.stakelum@bathspa.ac.uk.

Subject Level Tutors

  • Philosophy of Education: Dr Howard Gibson/Dr Darren Garside
  • Science Education: Dr Kendra McMahon
  • Learning Technology: Dr Dana Ruggiero
  • Leadership and Management: Dr Nick Sorensen
  • Teacher Education: Professor Geoff Whitty
  • International Education: Graham Downes
  • Maths Education: Sarah Wilton-Read/Nick Petefield
  • Education and Policy: Professor Dr Kate Reynolds/Dr Richard Riddell
  • Inclusion and Vulnerable Learners: Dr Ghazala Bhatti
  • Early Years: Rebecca Digby/Martine Duggan


We have three start dates for 2018:

  • 1 February 2018
  • 1 May 2018
  • 1 October 2018

It is recommended that your submit your application at least six to eight weeks before your intended start date. 

Along with the application, you must provide: 

  • Copies of your degree certificates
  • Transcripts of your results
  • A sample of your work (for example, a dissertation produced for a Master's level course)
  • A research proposal (of around 3,000 words)
  • Two appropriate academic references, provided on headed paper or directly from an academic email address (i.e. one ending with ".ac.uk")
  • International students should provide a copy of their passport and any visa already held
  • Applicants from a country not defined as 'Majority English-speaking' should provide a valid IELTS certificate - more information about which can be found here.
  • International applicants who have previously studied in the UK will be asked to produce any prior CAS letters upon applying.

Please remember to "Save" your progress as you proceed through the application portal.

To begin your application, please select an option from below:


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded to candidates who have critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic and by doing so have made an independent and original contribution to knowledge.

It will contain a major research, constructive or reflective component, which in sum, or part, is worthy of publication. They also need to demonstrate an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field.

The thesis produced will normally be between 40,000 and 80,000 words, depending on subject area and research topic. This falls within the description for degrees awarded at Level 8 and is drawn directly from the 2008 QAA framework document.

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The degree of Master of Philosophy is awarded to those candidates who have engaged in critical investigation and evaluation of an approved topic and have demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field through the submission of a thesis.

The thesis will be no more than 20,000 words (though final length can vary depending on the subject). This falls within the description for degrees awarded at Level 7 and is drawn directly from the 2008 QAA framework document.

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PhD (Low Residency)

The PhD in Creative Writing combines a proposed manuscript with an element of supporting or contextualising research. The proposed creative manuscript will be volume length (whatever is natural for the genre), and the supporting research will be 20,000 words.

For more information, see our PhD in Creative Writing course page.

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PhD by Publication

The PhD by Publication is no less rigorous than the traditional route. No prior connection with the University is required, but the candidate must be an active researcher who has developed their skills to doctoral level.

They must demonstrate, through a critical commentary and either an extensive portfolio of creative work or publications, an independent and original contribution to knowledge. Research outputs may have been produced inside or outside academia, but must be available in the public domain.

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If you have any questions regarding the applications process, please email PGRadmissions@bathspa.ac.uk

Entry requirements

You’ll normally hold, as a minimum, a first or upper second class honours degree from a UK Higher Education Institution, or its equivalent. If you don’t have a relevant Master's degree, you’ll normally be required to undertake formal research training as part of your studies.

English language requirements

Registration period

Degree  Maximum time Minimum time
MPhil – Full-Time 36 months 18 months
MPhil - Part-Time 48 months 30 months
PhD - Full-Time 60 months 24 months
PhD - Part-Time 84 months 36 months

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