Our application system for those joining us in September 2017 is currently closed. If you have missed our deadline and still need to apply please contact the accommodation team.

We are now busy reviewing applications received by the 14 July 2017 deadline date. The system will re-open late August for those who have yet to apply, and a waiting list will be in operation.


Students are eligible for accommodation if they meet the following three criteria:

  • are going into their first year of undergraduate study at Bath Spa University, are a full-time applicant and have made Bath Spa University their firm choice;
  • live more than 30 miles from the university (appeals will be considered);
  • will be studying at Newton Park campus, Sion Hill campus, The Circus, Dartmouth Avenue or at City of Bath College (studying a Bath Spa Foundation Degree.

Guarantee of accommodation

Applicants who meet our eligibility criteria and apply before the application deadline, will be guaranteed an offer of accommodation. A guaranteed offer will be for a room in any of the properties available to Bath Spa applicants (university-owned or operated by a private provider). If you decide to reject this offer of accommodation you'll have the option of going onto the accommodation waiting list. Applicants opting to join the waiting won't be guaranteed another offer. You'll only receive a new offer should an alternative room become available in the order you have joined the waiting list.

30 mile appeals

If you'd like to move into University Halls of Residences but live within 30 miles of the University then you wouldn't be eligible to apply, however, you do have the option to appeal the decision. To appeal please email a short statement about why you'd like to live in halls for residences to accommodation@bathspa.ac.uk and we'll then review this and respond to you with an outcome.

The information in your appeal could be around travel times, travel costs, your student experience or medical needs. We're looking to see that you recognise the costs involved in living in halls of residences and that you've properly researched this and are sure it is something that you want to do, including researching the difference between the cost of your commute and living in halls of residence. In your appeal please include your full name, date of birth and UCAS or Bath Spa University student ID.

Please note, we can only accept appeals from students and not from a parent or guardian.

How to apply

Before submitting your application, you'll need to research our accommodation options. If you have any questions, or check our frequently asked questions page.

You’ll apply for application online – you will need:

  • your UCAS Personal ID or Bath Spa University Student ID number (issued in your academic acceptance letter)
  • your date of birth
  • to know your accommodation preferences

When you apply, check the details we have stored for you on the application system are correct. If they are not, please log onto your UCAS account as soon as possible and update them. Once these are changed, please continue with your application. If you want to amend your choices after submitting them, you have up until the end of July to change them.

Receiving an offer

We’ll start making accommodation offers the week commencing 21 August via email. Please ensure your email on UCAS is up to date as we use the email address you have registered with them for our communications.

Information on how to accept your offer will be sent via email and will detail any further information required. Please note that this will vary between UNITE Students accommodation, Waterside Court and Charlton Court, CRM accommodation, Twerton Mill and BSU managed accommodation, Green Park House, Bankside House, Gardens and Lakeside.

For further details of each accommodation provider’s requirements please see ‘Accepting Your Offer’

Key points

  • You must declare any disabilities or medical needs when applying. You’ll need to provide evidence
  • Only include accommodation options you are prepared to take
  • You’ll be able to change your accommodation options up until we close our online application system
  • It's important that you keep your contact details up to date. You’ll also need update UCAS Track with any change in circumstances

Insurance and Clearing

If you do not make Bath Spa University your firm choice of study but select it as your insurance choice, you will not in the first instance be able to apply for accommodation. In August after A level results a waiting list will open for any student that has chosen to join Bath Spa University as their insurance choice or through clearing. Details of the waiting list and how to access it will be advertised on the accommodation website in August.

Offers and allocations

How allocations work

Students with priority status are allocated rooms first. Priority status is given to:

  • Applicants with disabilities or access needs (who have provided medical / supporting information to the University and been approved), who have submitted a housing application by the deadline
  • Full-time International (non-EU) applicants, who have submitted a housing application by the deadline

All other accommodation applications are randomised; please note that rooms are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The university will try to allocate an applicant their highest ranked accommodation preference wherever possible. Every effort is made to offer applicants their first choice of accommodation, although this is not always possible due to high demand for rooms. As a result some applicants will be offered one of their other choices or, in some cases, accommodation for which they did not state a preference.

If you have not applied by the accommodation application deadline and in the event that the university has insufficient bed spaces to meet applicant demand, we will offer you assistance with finding accommodation in the private sector.

Accepting your offer

You will be sent an offer of accommodation in the week commencing 21st of August. This offer will state the room you have been offered, the price, contract length and steps that you need to take to accept the offer. The process of accepting your offer will be slightly different depending on what accommodation you are offered. To accept the accommodation you will need to log into our online system using your UCAS ID and date of birth. You will then be asked to do some or all of the following depending on your accommodation offer.

Newton Park, Green Park House and Bankside House

After logging into the online system and pressing ‘accept your offer’ you will be directed to a page showing your online Licence Agreement. You will need to read this document carefully as you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this legal document. Should you have any questions at this point it is important you make contact with us. Once you fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions you can sign it electronically. To sign the Licence Agreement electronically you will need to enter a pin number which will have been sent to your mobile phone that morning. If you do not receive a pin then there will be a link on the offer letter that you can follow to alert us to this and we will look at an alternative way to send this to you.

Once you have completed this then you are all done! There are move in instructions attached to the offer letter email and we will look forward to meeting you in September.

Charlton and Waterside Court

Charlton and Waterside Court are managed by UNITE. You will be initially required to complete their booking form and to pay your deposit of £250. The completion of your booking form is your acceptance of your room at Waterside Court or Charlton Court. You will then be directed to complete guarantor information and sign your tenancy agreement. All further correspondence about their process will come directly from Unite. You should ensure you fully understand the legal commitment you’re making, before signing and returning the tenancy agreement. If the booking form is not completed by the date stated the accommodation offer will be withdrawn by Bath Spa University.

Unite staff will be able to answer questions regarding the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement by emailing bath@unite-students.co.uk

Twerton Mill

Twerton Mill is managed by CRM. You’ll be sent a link to CRM's online a booking form with your accommodation offer. The completion of the booking form is your confirmation of acceptance of room at Twerton Mill. You’ll be required to pay the £250 booking fee when completing the online booking form. Once you move into Twerton Mill the £250 will then be used as your housing deposit. All further correspondence will come directly from CRM.

If the booking form is not completed by the date stated the accommodation offer will be withdrawn by Bath Spa University. CRM will generate an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and send it to you. You should ensure you fully understand the legal commitment you’re making, before signing and returning the tenancy agreement.

Rejecting your offer

If you are unhappy with or no longer require your accommodation offer then you do have the option to reject it and go onto the waiting list for another offer.

Please be aware that a second accommodation offer is not guaranteed and the waiting list is operated on a first come, first served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the halls of residence before I move in?

As There are a number of open days and applicant visit days throughout the year which will give you the opportunity to view the different types of accommodation that BSU offer. We will also be offering Facebook Live dates where you can see a live tour of halls of residence. Information on dates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

I am a postgraduate applicant, can I apply for accommodation?

Accommodation is only offered to international postgraduate students. However, we can assist students by helping you make contact with others in a similar position and provide you with  private sector guidance to assist in searching for shared student housing.

Which accommodation options can I apply for?

The campus where you will be studying will determine which accommodation options you are eligible to apply for.

Students who will be studying at Newton Park Campus – are eligible to choose all accommodation options except Bankside House.

Students who will be studying at Sion Hill Campus  (this includes courses taught at City of Bath College  Dartmouth Avenue & The Circus) – are eligible  to choose Bankside House, Charlton Court, Twerton Mill, Waterside Court, or Green Park House.

Students who will be studying a combined subject course taught on both Newton Park Campus and Sion Hill Campus (eg Drama taught at Newton Park and Fine Art  taught at Sion Hill), are eligible to choose any of the accommodation options.


How do I fill out the application form?

You will need your 10 digit personal UCAS ID (which you can find on any UCAS correspondence) OR your student number, and your date of birth to access the online application form.

Please check your personal details to ensure your information is correct.

You will be asked to select five accommodation preferences. By choosing your accommodation preferences, you are registering interest in any of these accommodation choices.

What If I miss the application deadline?

Students who miss the application deadline will not be able to apply for accommodation in the first instance, and they will need to contact Student Accommodation team for advice.

Costs and Legalities

Do I need to pay a deposit or reservation fee?

If you are living in Bath Spa University managed halls, you will not need to pay a deposit or reservation fee. If you live in halls managed by external providers (Twerton Mill/ Waterside Court and Charlton Court) you will receive full information on what you need to provide when you receive your offer.

Will I have to provide guarantor details?

Students who accept an offer of accommodation for a room with Twerton Mill, Waterside Court and Charlton Court will need to provide a guarantor reference.

A guarantor should be a responsible person who will be accountable for paying your rent and any damages should you be unable to make the payments. By signing the tenancy your guarantor will accept joint responsibility for the financial aspects of the tenancy agreement.

What happens if I move into halls of residence, and then later decide that I want to live somewhere else?

You are legally responsible for paying the total accommodation fees for the year and should refer to the terms and conditions of your contract. Under no circumstances should  students enter in to two different contracts for accommodation for the same year.

Further Questions

I'm disabled, what do I need to do to get help with my accommodation?

If you disclosed a disability or medical need on your UCAS form Student Support should have been in contact with you. If you did not disclose on UCAS please email studentsupport@bathspa.ac.uk for further information. You can also request further information about disability support at Bath Spa and the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA).

Is all accommodation mixed sex?

Generally accommodation is mixed sex, but we may be able to arrange single sex accommodation if there is demand. Please make it clear on your application form if you want to live in a single sex flat. We will do our best to accommodate this but it cannot be guaranteed.

Can I bring a car?

All of our halls of residence are very limited for space, residents are unable to bring cars with them to university. However all of our halls of residence are within short walking distance of Bath's excellent public transport system, and the vast majority of our students make use of this.

Can I bring a pet?

You are not permitted to bring  any animal, bird, fish or any other creature. This will be stated as a condition of all accommodation contracts.

Can I bring my musical instruments? Will they fit into my room?

Although you are very welcome to bring musical instruments, room sizes will vary so please check before bringing any large instruments. Please be mindful of our regulations on noise when playing instruments.

I have received an offer at one of your partner colleges, who do I need to contact for help with accommodation?

As a student studying at one of Bath Spa University’s partner colleges, you will need to apply for accommodation through your respective college. If you haven’t heard from your partner college or have concerns please do not hesitate to contact us as we have details of the appropriate contact for each partner college

Can I stay in my accommodation over the Christmas and Easter holidays?

You can store your belongings in your room while you hold a licence agreement. After your licence agreement has ended you are not allowed to keep belongings in the room. If you are on a 36 week contract at Green Park House or in Gardens you will be asked to move all your belongings out over the Easter holidays.

Am I allowed to have a guest to stay in halls?

Although guests are welcome in our accommodation, they must be over the age of 18 and can stay for a maximum of two nights in any seven day period. All guests must be signed in by security.

Do I need a TV licence?

For further information about TV licencing, please see the below link: http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one

Do I need to pay any utility bills?

The utility bills in halls accommodation include your heating and hot water and your internet. You will need to buy your own TV licence.

Can I have a fridge in my room?

Fridges are not allowed in study rooms unless there is a medical need. To apply to bring your own fridge on medical grounds please contact our student support team who will liaise with us. Please note we do not provide fridges.

Are there laundry facilities?

There are laundry facilities on all sites that are accessible 24 hours a day. Washing detergents are not provided.

The laundry on all sites is managed by a third party company called Circuit. You can download the circuit App for free by typing in Circuit laundry in the app store.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all student accommodation, including your study room or any indoor communal areas; there are dedicated outdoor smoking areas by your halls or common areas

Where can I purchase items for my room?

For students arriving in September, Uni Kit Out can arrange for bedding/kitchens to arrive at the university befoee you move in. If you are about to move into Bath Spa University accommodation, you can find out more information here.

What Size is my bed?

The bed sizes can vary between the different room types so it is important to know what room you are moving into so that you can ensure you bring the correct duvet and sheet set with you.

  • Lakeside Housing - Single beds
  • The Gardens Housing - 124cm x 194cm. This is between a double and small double bed and we recommend bringing double bedding (with a non-fitted sheet).
  • Bankside House Single Study rooms - Single beds
  • Bankside House Studio Flat - Single beds
  • Waterside Court - Single beds
  • Charlton Court - 3/4 size beds
  • Green Park House - 124cm x 194cm. This is between a double and small double bed and we recommend bringing double bedding (with a non-fitted sheet).

What to bring Bedrooms:

  • Bedding – sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover x 2 sets, and a pillow(s) and duvet NB: Please check what size your bed in halls will be.  
  • Towels  Bath mat  
  • Alarm clock (if your mobile phone doesn’t have one)  
  • Coat hangers  
  • Personal belongings to make your room feel homely

What to bring to Kitchens:

  • Crockery – a couple of plates, bowls, mugs, cups, glasses  
  • Cutlery and cooking utensils – e.g. wooden spoon, tin opener, bottle opener, cheese grater, chopping board, colander, baking trays etc.  
  • Pots and pans for cooking  
  • Tea towels  
  • Airtight food containers

What to bring General:

  • Cleaning materials - Washing up liquid, cloths, cleaning products (non-bleach) for basin/en-suite, duster, polish, washing powder for clothes etc  
  • Toilet rolls  
  • Iron  (an ironing board is provided in communal kitchens)
  • Basic food provisions to last until you do your first shop  
  • Toiletries

Items that are not permitted in halls:  

  • Deep fat fryers/chip pans  
  • Candles and incense sticks  
  • Barbeques  
  • Electric/paraffin heaters  
  • Electrical items that are over a year old that have not been PAT tested. Initial PAT testing will be offered at the start of the academic year. Information will be provided at the start of term

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