Applying for Accommodation

Applying for accommodation for the upcoming year 2020/21

Apply now - Applications OPEN

Our online application system is now live for firm choice applicants who meet our eligibility criteria. Before submitting your application, we recommend researching your accommodation options. If you have any questions, check our frequently asked questions page. 

Please click the link below to log in and make your accommodation preferences:

Accommodation Application Portal 

To apply online you will need the following:

  • Your UCAS Personal ID or Bath Spa University Student ID number (issued in your academic acceptance letter)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your accommodation preferences

When you apply, please check that the details we have stored for you on the application system are correct. If they are not, please log onto your UCAS account as soon as possible and update them, particularly your email address.

One of the important things to know about our application system is that we do not run a first-come, first-serve system. Whether you log in as soon as our online form opens or you wait a couple of weeks or months, every application is received the same way, so that all students have the fairest chance at receiving their preferred housing option.

Please note you have the entire application window to research all of our options before committing to your preferences. You can even log back in and edit your initial selections, giving you more opportunities to visit us, see the locations, and ask any remaining questions you might have.

Some information to consider when you apply:

  • Bath Spa University offers a wide range of contract lengths, prices and room types. Your accommodation preferences are entered into our allocation system, and where possible we endeavor to meet your preferred choices. By completing this form, you're accepting that you have researched the different options and understand the financial responsibility of the preferences you have indicated. We may not be able to allocate you a room aligned to your preferences above, due to demand. Please specify what you would consider your preferences in order of priority to input into our allocation system.
  • If you need to disclose a medical condition or disability and have specific accommodation requirements please scroll down the page to the Access requirments and returning students section.

The deadline for applications will be 1 July 2020.

Please note, a waiting list for applicants who miss the deadline or apply through insurance or clearing will open in August 2020, after our primary application stage has concluded.


Students are eligible for accommodation if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are entering your first year of study at Bath Spa University
  • Are a full-time applicant
  • Have made Bath Spa their firm choice in UCAS
  • Will be studying at Newton Park campus, Sion Hill campus, Locksbrook Road, or at the City of Bath College (studying a Bath Spa foundation degree).

Foundation students are also able to apply for accommodation for both their foundation year and first year of undergraduate study.

Receiving an offer

How to accept your offer

You'll be sent an offer of accommodation via email the week commencing 14 July 2020. Please ensure your email on UCAS is up to date, as we use the email address you have registered with them for our communications. We begin sending offers from that date so please don't be alarmed if you don't hear from us on that exact date.

Information on how to accept your offer will be sent via email, along with any further information required. Please note that this will vary between UNITE students' accommodation (Waterside Court and Charlton Court), and Bath Spa University managed accommodation (Green Park House, Gardens and Lakeside).

If you've applied and stated your access requirements, please scroll down to the section below for further details about receiving your offer.

Please be aware that all prospective offers and allocations are subject to the student successfully joining Bath Spa University – unsuccessful applicants will have their offer of accommodation rescinded.  

How to reject your offer

If you decide to reject the offer of accommodation, we'll endeavour to make you a second offer. However, this cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability. Second offers will only be sent up to 7 August 2020. After that date, applicants still requiring accommodation who have rejected previous offers will be entered onto a waiting list that activates from 13 August 2020.

Applicants opting to join the waiting list cannot be guaranteed another offer. You'll only receive a new offer should an alternative room become available – n the order you joined the waiting list.

Further information

For further details of each accommodation provider’s requirements, please see Accepting Your Offer.

For more information on the entire process, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Key points

  • You must declare any disabilities or medical needs when applying - see the Access Requirements section below for more details
  • Only include accommodation options you are prepared to take
  • You’ll be able to change your accommodation options up until our online application system closes
  • It's important that you keep your contact details up to date - please update UCAS with any change in circumstances
  • Please note that not all accommodation options may be available on the application form due to a number of rooms being pre-allocated for students with access requirements or for Direct Lets pre-sold to returning students. The vast majority of our accommodation is reserved for students studying at Bath Spa for the first time
  • Accommodation is offered for the full length of contract, unless you are on an Erasmus or exchange course, in which case the specifics of your contract length will be made clear
  • No cars or parking is permitted in halls of residence. For more information on Bath's fantastic public transport links, see our Getting Around section

Access requirements and returning students

Please see the options below if you have specific access requirements or you are a student not in your first year of study but interested in living in halls of residence.

Access requirements

You may have specific requirements for your accommodation because of a disability that requires adaptations to a room or you may need a specific type of room.

If you have not applied for accommodation stating access requirements before, you will need to apply through the online accommodation application system (scroll up to the How to apply section for details). 

To support this application you need to send supporting evidence from your GP or appropriate medical practitioner to studentwellbeing@bathspa.ac.uk. This evidence should give specific information and reasons about the particular type of accommodation you require. Please contact the Student Wellbeing team if you have any questions about this process, or call +44(0)1225 876543.

The deadline for accommodation applications is 1 July 2020. 

For returning students, if you have successfully applied for what was once called Priority accommodation within the past two years, you do not need to send any further supporting evidence. Please follow the link below, where you can apply with your specific access requirements for September 2020. Students will be able to apply from 13 February 2020.

Access Requirements and Direct Applications Online Portal

The applications need to be completed by 1 June 2020. Please note that returning students with access requirements are likely to be housed in accommodation with first year undergraduates, who make up the vast majority of all accommodation.


Returning students

Returning students in their second year, third year or postgraduate study can apply for Direct Applications from 13 February 2020.

These applications are for a limited amount of rooms solely for returning students, based primarily in our Green Park House accommodation. You can apply for a Private Studio, Premium Studio, Standard Twodio or Large Twodio room via the link below:

Access Requirements and Direct Applications Online Portal

Please be aware these rooms are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once they have been all been allocated, we will not have more to offer, but will support students still searching for accommodation ahead of the next academic year. If you have any questions, please let us know and we can help.

You can also find these rooms advertised on the StudentPad website. Students will be able to apply for these rooms when they are advertised on StudentPad from 13 February 2020. Read the advertisement for each room type and follow the instructions within. Only Bath Spa students can access the site and will need log-in details to access StudentPad, which can be requested by emailing accommodation@bathspa.ac.uk.


Offers and allocations

2020 timeline

The timeline below is applicable to students who have applied for the 2020 academic year, beginning September 2020.

  • 27 February 2020 – Applications open for firm choice student applicants 
  • 1 July 2020 – Applications close for firm choice student applicants
  • 7 July 2020 - Firm choice applicants who have stated specific access requirements are sent offers of accommodation
  • 14 July 2020 - Firm choice applicants begin receiving offers of accommodation

A waiting list opens for all applicants from 13 August 2020, including Insurance and Clearing applicants. If applicants miss the 1 July 2020 deadline they'll need to apply via the waiting list.

How allocations work

Firm choice applicants who have disclosed specific access requirements are given priority and are allocated first. This priority status is given to:

  • Applicants with disabilities or access needs (who have provided medical/supporting information to the University and who have been approved) and have submitted a housing application by the deadline.
  • Students on the Erasmus Programme or participating in Study Abroad are also reserved rooms in our accommodation.

All other accommodation applications are randomised; please note that rooms are not allocated on a first come, first served basis. The University will try to allocate an applicant their highest ranked accommodation preference wherever possible.

Every effort is made to offer applicants their first choice of accommodation, although this is not always possible due to high demand for rooms. As a result some applicants will be offered one of their other choices or, in some cases, accommodation for which they did not state a preference.

Accepting your offer

All offers of accommodation are sent by email. This offer will state the room you've been offered, the price, contract length and steps that you need to take to accept the offer. The process of accepting your offer varies slightly, depending on the accommodation you're offered. To accept the accommodation you'll need to log into our online system using your UCAS ID and date of birth. You'll then be asked to do some or all of the following, depending on your accommodation offer.

Newton Park and Green Park House

After logging into the online system and pressing ‘accept your offer’, you'll be directed to a page showing your online Licence Agreement. You'll need to read this carefully as you're agreeing to the terms and conditions of this legal document. Should you have any questions at this point, it's important that you make contact with us. Once you fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions, you can sign it electronically. To do this, you'll need to enter a pin number which will have been sent to your mobile phone that morning. If you don't receive a pin, there will be a link on the offer letter that you can follow to alert us to this and we will look at an alternative way to send this to you.

Once you've completed this, you're all done! There are move-in instructions attached to the offer letter email and we'll look forward to meeting you in September.

Charlton and Waterside Court

Charlton and Waterside Court are managed by UNITE. You'll be initially required to complete their booking form and to make an upfront payment that's then taken off your first rent instalment. The completion of your booking form is your acceptance of your room at Waterside Court or Charlton Court. You'll then be directed to complete guarantor information and sign your tenancy agreement. All further correspondence about their process will come directly from UNITE. You should ensure you fully understand the legal commitment you are making before signing and returning the tenancy agreement. If the booking form is not completed by the date stated, the accommodation offer will be withdrawn by Bath Spa University.

UNITE staff will be able to answer questions regarding the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Please email: bath@unitestudents.com.

Rejecting your offer

Please scroll up to the Receiving an offer section for information about rejecting offers.

Frequently asked questions

Please see our Accommodation FAQs page for further details.

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