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Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status


Initial Teacher Education

Key facts

Recommendation for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
Institute for Education
Course length
12 weeks

Entry requirements

All applicants are subject to a number of checks designed to maintain the integrity of the teaching profession.

See "Interested in applying?" for more information.

A route for experienced teachers without QTS, which meets the NCTL’s assessment only requirements.

  • Bath Spa has an Outstanding PGCE/QTS rating from Ofsted.
  • Qualify for QTS while working in your current post.
  • Extensive personal support from experienced school and University professionals.

If you’re an experienced unqualified teacher with approximately two years' teaching experience, you can qualify for QTS while teaching in school. You’ll undergo an assessment period (lasting a maximum of 12 weeks) in order to meet the Teachers’ Standards and gain QTS.

We’ll assess your ability to teach across two or more consecutive age ranges, and demonstrate that you have met the Teachers’ Standards.

The Assessment Only route is supported and assessed by experienced and expert teachers in schools or other settings and the University.

There are NCTL Assessment Only criteria which you’re expected to meet in full before embarking on the Assessment period. Please check you meet the requirements, which are outlined in the blue “Interested in applying?” box below.

What you'll learn


It’s important to note that this is not a training course – we expect you to be meeting the teachers’ standards before starting the assessment period. It is expected that you have a significant teaching role in a school/setting that is prepared to support you through the assessment period.

Your school will need to provide a supporting statement, which must be submitted with your application form.

How will I be assessed?

You’ll need to provide evidence, in a portfolio, to show that all of the Teachers’ Standards have been met.

This might include:

  • Written lesson observations
  • Professional dialogue in reviews of progress and targets
  • "Witness statements" – accounts of specific events and conversations which are particularly pertinent to attainment of the Teachers’ Standards
  • Assessment reports, including a final written report summarising progress and attainment
  • Records of professional development activities
  • Subject knowledge audits
  • A final claim supported by the collection of evidence submitted in the PLPP.

Towards the end of the assessment period, school and University-based professionals will meet with you to discuss your progress and scrutinise evidence. If you’re successful, you’ll be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status.

How will I be taught?

You’ll learn through a combination of the following methods:

  • Developing professional learning and practice in schools and settings
  • Tutorial support for developing modes of reflection
  • Review meetings to include systematic target setting and review at key points across the programme
  • Development of subject knowledge in a range of contexts
  • Independent learning
  • Blended learning employing electronic resources
  • Observation of the practice of teachers and other professionals as required
  • Professional development activities undertaken in school or other settings.

School mentor
A school mentor will monitor your progress; you’ll meet them on a regular basis throughout the assessment period.

Formative review points
There will be formative review points to monitor progress during the training period. These review points, led by school colleagues, will consider progress in professional learning and facilitate developmental target setting.


Additional qualifications

On completing the assessment only programme, you can take your qualification to the next level. You’ll have the opportunity to follow a Master’s programme leading to further educational scholarship and research qualifications.


The Assessment Only route culminates in Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This will enable you to apply for a range of teaching posts and other education based employment.


The fee for the Assessment Only Programme (for UK based students only) in 2018/9 academic year is £3,100.

Interested in applying?

What we look for in potential students

There are NCTL Assessment Only criteria which you are expected to meet in full before embarking on the Assessment period.

We expect you to have significant experience of sustained teaching of your subject/primary curriculum as an unqualified teacher. You’ll have experience of teaching across two different school settings. This should include some teaching of full classes in a mainstream setting.

Academic requirements

  • Degree level
    You must hold a degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent. If you're applying for the Secondary route, it's expected that your degree will be related to your subject specialism to ensure an appropriate level of subject knowledge.
  • GCSEs
    Secondary route: You must have a Grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE English and Maths.
    Primary route: You must have a Grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE English, Maths and a Science subject.

Suitability to teach

All applicants are subject to a number of checks designed to maintain the integrity of the teaching profession. You'll be required to attend an interview, complete Professional Skills Tests and undergo DBS checks.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in this route, please read our application guidance.

Before you apply, we assess your eligibility against the NCTL regulations. Please complete:

Please send this together with two recent lesson observations to assessmentonly@bathspa.ac.uk.

When invited to apply by the Assessment Only team, please complete:

These will then need to be emailed to admissions@bathspa.ac.uk, copying in assessmentonly@bathspa.ac.uk.

We will also need scanned certificates of your academic qualifications (as outlined in Academic Requirements, above). 

On receipt of all items listed, we can assess your readiness to apply for the Assessment Only route.

Admissions service: +44 (0)1225 876 180
Email: admissions@bathspa.ac.uk
Assessment Only team: assessmentonly@bathspa.ac.uk

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