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Climate Action in Higher Education – Bath Spa University

Climate Action in Higher Education

Wednesday 18 January, 2023 – Wednesday 18 January, 2023
3:35 PM – 5:15 PM

In person and online. The in-person talk location will be in the Commons Building (CM.132), Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BN. 

Climate action and climate justice are important topics for educators and researchers in any discipline. But sometimes climate conversations can feel a bit circular:

"Does hope or fear more effectively inspire climate action? Should I focus on my personal impact, even though it's a drop in the ocean, or try to change the economic system, even though that task feels overwhelming?"

This talk will offer new angles. It'll explore how we communicate, think, feel and act around climate change, across a sequence of interlinked case studies, showcasing tools for humanities researchers who want to embed sustainability in our teaching and research; relating the development of a climate futures roleplaying game localised to a Ugandan context; and introducing the Communicating Climate Risk handbook, at the unruly intersection of climate science, policy, and the arts.

Speaker biography

Jo Lindsay Walton is a Research Fellow at the Sussex Humanities Lab, who works on climate risk communication, AI and automation, critical game design, science fiction and utopia, and modern and contemporary poetry. Recent and forthcoming publications are included in The Cambridge Companion to Literature and Economics; Digital Humanities and Laboratories: Perspectives on Knowledge, Infrastructure and Culture; The Edinburgh Companion to Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities; Phase Change: New SF Energies; and Finance and Society.

Twitter: @jolwalton

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This event is organised by the Research Centre for the Environmental Humanities

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