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Freelands Fellowship Talk – Bath Spa University

Freelands Fellowship Talk by Catherine Parsonage

Thursday 18 November, 2021 – Thursday 18 November, 2021
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The Holburne Museum, Bath, BA2 4DB

Catherine Parsonage is the inaugural Freelands Painting Fellow at Bath Spa University (2021). The Freelands Foundation launched a two-year pilot programme of Painting Fellowships in partnership with three universities across the UK. The Fellowships provide new opportunities for emerging artists to contribute to conversations around the teaching of painting.

This artist talk will present the new body of work and research that Catherine Parsonage has been developing during her time as Freelands Fellow.

The current series of paintings find humour in the mythologised, machismo narratives of art history. Parsonage is particularly interested in the social network of the artist and how anecdotes and tawdry biographical details can form the foundation for how art histories are remembered and understood.

Parsonage will discuss the new body of work in the context of her wider artistic and teaching practice.

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