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Schooling in a Democracy – Bath Spa University

Schooling in a Democracy

Wednesday 11 January, 2023 – Wednesday 11 January, 2023
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Part of the School of Education Research Seminar Series 2022-23.

About the seminar

Richard Riddell outlines some of the thinking that has gone into his new book, out in February, for which the live research finished in late 2021. He considers how the centralisation of Education governance in England and the narrowing of its focus have distanced schools from their communities and helped degrade public life in England. Dr Riddell's new work is described by Stephen Ball (University College London) as follows.

"A forensic and shocking account of the sad and sorry state of English education. Yet, Riddell offers a possible and better future, one which understands school context and incorporates local democratic oversight. It is a book that will make you angry and hopeful. Shame on education policy makers who do not read it"

About the speaker

Richard Riddell has worked for over 40 years as a state schoolteacher, senior Local Authority Officer, consultant, head of education for an NGO and senior lecturer at Bath Spa University, School of Education, where he is now Visiting Research Fellow.

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