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Milly Aburrow One Year – Bath Spa University

Undergraduate Degree Show - One Year Later


Milly Aburrow - One Year On from the 2023 Undergraduate Degree Show

Monday, 20 May, 2024

Every year, Bath Spa University hosts the annual Undergraduate Degree Show to showcase the outstanding achievements of our final year students, and 2024 is shaping up to be another incredible year for the event.

The showcase, which will take place at our Locksbrook Campus, will feature work from students across courses such as

A private show will be available on 14 June from 6-9pm before the exhibition opens its doors to the public on 15 June, with the event running until 22 June.

There is no doubt that the Undergraduate Degree Show is one of the most anticipated dates in the University calendar. Last year’s show marked the beginning of the road for many inspiring BSU graduates.

A student standing next to a counter displaying a number of her handmade ceramic food items

One such graduate, Milly Aburrow, has been reflecting on the year she’s had since the showcase of her unique and uncanny sculptures and artwork at the 2023 Undergraduate Degree Show.

“The degree show was the first time I presented my first realised installation (Fill Me In) to a public audience - for that I am extremely grateful, it is one of the greatest joys in seeing how your artwork is perceived by others and supported. The show definitely gave me the confidence to keep pursuing an art career.

Since the degree show, I was so grateful and fortunate to be the recipient of the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Prize and the 44AD artspace residency - this has really benefited the continuation of my art practice and the creation of new work in preparation for my debut solo show at 44AD where I am going to transform the gallery space in to The Salty Crisp Pub, and for a variety of other shows.”

Milly’s exhibition at last year’s Undergraduate Degree Show received widespread praise, with her comedic stylisation setting imaginations on fire.

Success has since followed for Milly, with her final year showcase providing a platform for what was to come.

“After graduating, I’ve been so lucky to also have been a part of so many fabulous group shows such as The Graduate Art Show, at both Woolff Gallery and The Vanner Gallery, ‘Let Them Eat Fake’ by Bad Art at BWG Gallery and 'Hysterical: Radical Creativity’ at Bermondsey Project Space! All of these have been surreal experiences, which I am so thankful for. I've met so many wonderful people and with each new opportunity I am learning all the different aspects to being an artist!”

While the past 12 months have been filled with exciting experiences since the 2023 UG Degree Show, Milly is still aiming high and searching for further success in the future.

“My aim for the future is to keep making artwork for as long as possible, as it is something I endlessly enjoy! Throughout my time at university and now within my residency - I have found massive enjoyment in working towards a big installation project, like ‘Fill Me In’ and the ‘The Salty Crisp’, my ultimate dream would be to continue this way of working, instead of smaller artworks and sculptures.

Every artist would like to make a living from their work, and I too would like to aim to maintain a stable income from my art. However, I am also very eager to keep learning and trying new things within the creative field and am so grateful to take on any creative job that comes my way! Finding your way in the art industry isn't linear- which is something that is greatly exciting!”

Interested in launching your own career in the world of art? Bath Spa University has a number of art courses available, with phenomenal facilities available at our Locksbrook Campus.

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