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Rosie Yates Illustration – Bath Spa University

BSU graduate and Illustrator nurtures long-term partnership with the University

Tuesday, 30 April, 2024

Bath Spa University 2021 MA Design (Visual Communication) Alumna Rosie Yates has drawn up a successful partnership with BSU on creative design projects as an established freelance illustrator. 

Rosie’s work predominantly surrounds digital illustration techniques, using uplifting colours and adding subtle hidden details for those with keen eyes to find. She has worked on a range of projects, from drawings for printed media to animated gifs. 

Rosie has also undertaken associate lecturer teaching roles on the BA Graphic Design course, where she’d take first-year students to beautiful Bath-based sites and experiment with different ways of drawing. 

In her most recent work for BSU, Rosie has been using her creative flair in designing map-related illustrative assets to be used on postcards, tote bags and printed maps for Bath Spa University recruitment events, such as Offer Holder Days for our prospective students. 

Her latest project work is designed for 2024 applicants whereby she created a large, panoramic view of the ‘Bath Skyline’, encapsulating all the major landmarks and smaller treasures found in and around Bath. 

When asked about this project, Rosie said: 

“Having lived and studied in Bath this was one of my favourite projects that I’ve worked on, I got to analyse and draw not only all my favourite part of the city – but I also discovered some new amazing spots in the process.” 

Rosie’s work with BSU colleagues included creating this illustration from a brief, using elements of her previous work with new ideas being brought in to help bring the city of Bath to life from the perspective of a previous student. 

Senior Campaign Officer in the marketing team at Bath Spa University, Ryan West has been working closely with Rosie and described how the process has been: 

“It has been wonderful to continue to work with one of our alumni in a professional capacity. Having studied at BSU, and understanding Bath as a city, Rosie has been able to capture the essence of the city in her own unique style.” 

Ryan and his team aren’t shy about singing her works’ praises: 

“We love her illustration style as it really reflects the creativity and heritage of Bath, but in a modern way – perfect for showing new students the beauty and interest of the city.” 

Rosie has a unique perspective on Bath as a city, having both lived and studied here. She uses uplifting colours and subtle hidden details to elevate her detailed artwork.  When asked about her time studying on the MA Design (Visual Communications) course, Rosie reflected: 

“My MA at BSU enabled me to find my own illustration style, and really helped me to define my own way of making and thinking. We also worked on a variety of projects with external organisations, which led to further illustration work.” 

Sketching out a career as a freelance illustrator, Rosie also gave us some valuable advice for anyone who wants to follow a similar path to her as a freelance creative. 

“My advice for current students who are still studying is to be brave in what you are making and make use of as many resources within the university as possible.”

She continued to speak to us about creativity, work and fostering a creative career: 

“Being a creative is hard and it can be disheartening if things don’t pick up right away. But don’t let this put you off from making, and creating work that you want to make. Entering open calls and competitions also helped me to get my work seen by a wider audience and leads to more illustration work coming my way.”

Rosie fosters a proactive, resilient and positive approach to her work and encourages others to do the same. 

“My advice would also be to just enjoy what you are making and keep at it!” 

Next time you spot Bath Spa University in the wild see if you can find Rosie’s beautiful illustrations. You can also find more of Rosie’s work on her website
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