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TEDxBath Unlimited 2023 – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University proudly sponsors TEDxBath Unlimited 2023

Friday, 13 October, 2023

On Saturday 14 October, students from Bath Spa University will be making the most of their free entry to this year’s TEDxBath Unlimited event at The Forum, thanks to an ongoing partnership between the University and the great minds behind the ideas and knowledge sharing community initiative. 

Bringing together diverse and powerful ideas from change-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers, the event aims to remove barriers to positive change, define new possibilities, and boldly seek a better future world. 

In addition to hearing compelling talks from this year’s nine speakers listed below, attendees will have the opportunity to get hands-on in an immersive exhibition of innovative ideas known as iLab. This creative collision of ideas will feature diverse topics and works by local businesses and partners from cutting edge artificial intelligence innovation, to inspiring sustainable design. 

Bath Spa University’s The Studio resident, Adam Doherty, who is founder and executive creative director of Bath based cross-discipline creative studio, Fitzroy Hawk, will be taking part in iLab. 

Fitzroy Hawk is comprised of a team of early adopters, designers, makers and doers who forge next generation experiences for clients around the world. From large scale public installations and live performances to interactive installations and online experiences, Fitzroy Hawk explores new forms of narrative fusing emerging technology with moving image and storytelling magic and will be bringing this to the TEDxBath audience.  

Speakers include 

Eric Ngalle Charles - a Cameroonian writer, poet, playwright, and human rights activist based in Wales. TEDx talk will explore powerful themes from his life story, including the shocking trauma of his journey as a trafficked teenage migrant from Cameroon to Wales, via Russia. 

Julia Samuel MBE - a leading psychotherapist and Sunday Times bestselling author.  In her TEDx talk Julia will explore and share ways we can all understand and better manage the human experience of grief and grieving. 

Dr Mhairi Aitken - a leading sociologist with specialist expertise in AI and digital innovation and regular performer of standup comedy. In her TEDx talk Mhairi will take a light-hearted look at the crucial social and ethical dimensions of AI and digital innovation. 

Charles Sabine OBE - an Emmy Award-winning television journalist who worked for NBC News in the US for 26 years, before becoming a global spokesman for patients and families suffering degenerative brain diseases. In his TEDx talk, Charles will explain how we can help to transform approaches to helping those with devastating ailments, including by taking responsibility for our own health. 

Jenny Tough - an endurance athlete best known for running and cycling in some of world's most challenging events. She was the first woman in the Silk Road Mountain Race and the Atlas Mountain Race – two of the world’s toughest off-road bike races.  Her TEDx talk will inspire the audience to fill their lives with excitement and say yes to adventure. 

Rory Stewart OBE - a British academic, diplomat, author, broadcaster, former soldier and former politician. He served as an MP from 2010-19 and became a Cabinet Minister as Secretary of State for International Development. Rory is the president of GiveDirectly and a visiting Fellow at Yale University. He hosts the podcast ‘The Rest is Politics’ with Alastair Campbell. Rory’s talk will be played via a specially recorded TEDxBath video. 

Sahra Ahmed Kulmiya - a Quantum Technologies researcher who is passionate about mathematical modelling in the physical sciences. Her TEDx talk will shine a light on the potentially unlimited future power through future research and development, including through quantum computing. 

Erinch Sahan - a business strategist and economist and former chief executive of the World Fair Trade Organization who previously worked for Oxfam, Procter & Gamble and Australia's aid programme. Erinch's TEDx talk will show how actions are necessary from businesses so as to meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet, and bring unlimited – and sustainable – benefits for all. 

Kudzai Matsvai - an architectural designer and equality, diversity and inclusion activist. Kudzai’s talk will explore aspects of her passions for equity and social justice, and how we can move towards a fairer, more balanced and fairly represented society. 

At last year’s TEDxBath event, Ruby Sant, artist, teacher, robot designer and Inclusive Communities Development Officer at Bath Spa University gave a talk on how designing robots can help us to create a fairer and more equitable future. Speaking about this, she said:

"Taking part in TED was absolutely brilliant, particularly the community of other amazing speakers I had the privilege of meeting. It has been massively beneficial for me, allowing people to understand my work, who I am and where I come from. There were visionary speakers last year, I know this year will be just as great." 

As a cultural partner of the event, Bath Spa University has been able to create learning and connection opportunity for its students; inviting young people to be part of relevant conversations is at the heart of TEDxBath's purpose. 

Doors open at 1:00pm with the welcome speech scheduled for 2:00pm and the event concluding at 7:00pm. 

Tickets are £20 and are available through the Bath Box Office

To find out more and to view the full programme visit the TEDxBath website. 

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