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Luke Roach – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

Luke is a lecturer in Criminology at Bath Spa University. Luke's PhD research focused on the computer-mediated discourse analysis of hate and counter speech in social media platforms. Drawing on interdisciplinary analytic methods such as Genre Analysis, Membership Categorisation Analysis and Symbolic Interactionism, Luke developed on his work with the Hate Lab at Cardiff University to investigate the linguistic techniques used by hate speakers online and those who seek to counter hateful narratives.

Luke's research focuses on the application of qualitative methods to topic areas including race, gender, class, hate/counter speech and digital society.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Criminology, Cardiff University
  • MSc Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University
  • MSc Crime, Safety and Justice (Criminology), Cardiff University
  • BSc Criminology and Sociology, Cardiff University

Professional memberships

  • British Society of Criminology

Other external roles

  • Associate, the Hate Lab, Cardiff University

Modules taught

  • Sociology of Deviance and Control
  • The Criminological Mind

Research supervision

  • Digital Criminology
  • Hate Crime
  • (Computer-Mediated) Discourse Analysis
  • Symbolic Interactionism

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