Michele Whiting

Personal statement

My research interests primarily investigate space, place and site through experiencing contemporary art practice, focusing on ways in which artists use site as image subject. Integral to this examination is the exploration of specific sites through moving image, drawing, writing, painting, sound, installation and performance.

By purposeful experimentation, visual finding and discoveries, questions emerging from practice are raised, and are examined through practice and mutual engagement with others, serving as a basis for collaborative research. For further details, see my websites Quilos and the Windmill and Space and Place Practice (currently under construction).

My experiential approach has led to critical engagement of strategies and tactics used. Space, place and site are critically examined through encountering practice (mine and others), considering that while the works experienced possess powerful imagery, their impact extends beyond purely aesthetic definitions.

My interest is in the event of an artwork that is a mode of being, occurring in the interval between the viewer and the observed subject. Relevant theoretical approaches are used to consider the works drawing on a broad base of literature, including: Edward Soja, Doris von Drathan and Irit Rogoff in order to investigate the central concepts, opening out apperceptive approaches and constructing a vibrant and reciprocal research field.

Under these approaches lie my research projects and they all (although different in their materiality and modes of being) pertain to my aim in understanding this complex field.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD - Bath Spa University
  • MFA - Bath Spa University
  • BA (Hons) - Bath Spa University

Professional memberships

  • Space Place Practice research network

Other external roles

  • External assessor

Areas of expertise

  • Research Methods in Art and Design
  • Contemporary theories in Fine Art, specialising in Space, Place
  • Fine Art practice.

Research and academic outputs

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Acts of empathy

Whiting, M (2018) 'Acts of empathy.' In: Maltby, P, ed. Cicatrix: the scar of a healed wound. Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, Swindon, pp. 10-19. ISBN 9780464893233

Quotidian space in the sites of myth

Whiting, M (2017) 'Quotidian space in the sites of myth.' In: The sites of myth - Aqueel Solangi. Koel Gallery, Karachi, pp. 8-13.

Landandmybody ... my body from the stillness drinking in

Whiting, M (2021) 'Landandmybody ... my body from the stillness drinking in.' Environment, Space, Place. ISSN 2066-5377 (Forthcoming)

Space, place and site through moving image installation art practice: entering elsewhere

Whiting, M (2010) Space, place and site through moving image installation art practice: entering elsewhere. PhD thesis, Bath Spa University.

Q and W losing it

Whiting, M and Khatir, L (2018) Q and W losing it. In: Loss and Lucidity, Santoraspace, Santa Ana, SC, USA, 4 - 18 August 2018.

The Museum Box Project: Something of Place [group exhibition]

Whiting, M (2017) The Museum Box Project: Something of Place [group exhibition]. Trowbridge Town Hall (Arts Centre), Trowbridge, UK, 9 September - 4 November 2017.

Bad Wilma

Whiting, M, Khatir, L and Mars, P (2016) Bad Wilma. Mars Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, 16 June - 1 September 2016.

The Drawing Quilt Project

Whiting, M and Khatir, L (2016) The Drawing Quilt Project. In: Konst i Påsk Easter Arts Festival, Aguelimuseet, Sala, Sweden, 20 March 2016 - September 2016.

The Art of Research

Whiting, M (2016) The Art of Research. Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK, Permanent Installation.

Flying the black (selected)

Whiting, M and Khatir, L (2015) Flying the black (selected). In: Wells Arts Contemporary, Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset, October 2015.

Phoebus and the crow

Whiting, M and Khatir, L (2015) Phoebus and the crow. In: Engagement and Entrapment, Zmart Gallery, Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, Nicosia Cyprus, 24 July - 7 August 2015.

Space Place Practice

Whiting, M (2015) Space Place Practice. In: The Museum Box Project, Aberystwyth University, UK, 8 April - 8 May 2015.

Lost [curator]

Whiting, M (2014) Lost [curator]. In: Lost, Salisbury Arts Centre, Wiltshire, UK, 21 August - 28 September 2014.

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