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Patrick Turner – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

Patrick is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Bath Spa University. He joined Bath Spa in January 2017, having previously worked at Goldsmiths, London Metropolitan, Kingston, and Canterbury Christ Church universities.

Patrick is a cultural sociologist specialising in social and cultural identity. His current research and writing continues a longstanding focus upon interlocking themes found within aspects of British hip hop, bass and spoken word cultures. These are: claims around identity and authenticity, cultural property, multi-culture and the politics of inter-racial encounter, and the vexed nature of politicised consciousness/agency and expression. Patrick is the author of the book, Hip Hop Versus Rap: The Politics of Droppin' Knowledge.

He is also working on the activity and self-presentation of cultural intermediaries and marketers who operate at the border between ostensive youth subcultures and commercial brands. Patrick has a particular interest in forms of qualitative enquiry and theory that work with existential, phenomenological and critically realist concepts and concerns.

His current teaching spans social problems and divisions, social theory, the sociology of the everyday, and digital life and its discontents.

Patrick has supervised and taught PhD students, and convened and taught the ESRC Doctoral School training in qualitative research methods at Goldsmiths University between 2014 and 2017.

Academic qualifications

  • BA - Birkbeck College, University of London
  • MA - Birkbeck College, University of London
  • MARes - Goldsmiths University, University of London
  • PhD - Goldsmiths University, University of London

Professional memberships

  • Member - British Sociological Association

Areas of expertise

  • Social and cultural identity
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Sociology of the everyday
  • Youth subcultures
  • Qualitative research methods

Other external roles

  • Academic reviewer - Leverhulme Trust - Culture, Pedagogy and Society
  • Externa validator - BA Sociology programme, Southampton Solent University


Patrick is module coordinator for the following:

  • Media, sociality and everyday life
  • Social problems, social divisions, social justice
  • Visualising the 21st century

He also teaches on:

  • Questioning society

Research and academic outputs

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Hip hop versus rap: the politics of droppin' knowledge

Turner, P (2017) Hip hop versus rap: the politics of droppin' knowledge. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138679757

Toward a hip hop pedagogy of discomfort

Chetty, D and Turner, P (2018) 'Toward a hip hop pedagogy of discomfort.' Journal of World Popular Music, 5 (1). pp. 71-87. ISSN 2052-4900

Additional publications

  • (Forthcoming) Turner, P. (2020) 'Hop Hop Studies', in Ritzer, G. and Rojek, C. (Eds.) The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (Second Edition), Oxford: Wiley Blackwell
  • Turner, P (2019) Hip hop Versus Rap: The Politics of Droppin' Knowledge. Routledge, Abingdon (paperback)
  • Turner, P. (2014) ‘Representations of UK Migrant Groups and Ethnic Minorities in UK Rap Videos 1993-2013, Breaking Down European Attitudes Towards Migrant/Minority Stereotypes', (BEAMS) EU Research Report
  • Turner, P. (2008) ‘Talk to Frank: Youth Lifestyles, Branding and Government Rationality’, Youth and Policy, No.100, Summer/Autumn: 2008
  • Turner, P. (2007) ‘The Transition to Work and Adulthood’, in A Guide to Further Education, Eds. Hayes, D., Marshall, T. and Turner, A., Buckingham: Open University Press
  • Turner, P. (2006) ‘What has G.K. Chesterton Got to Say About Youth’, Youth and Policy, No.90, Winter: 2006
  • Turner, P. (2006) ‘Why Does Youth Matter’, Youth and Policy, No. 89, Autumn: 2006.

Recent projects

  • Crossing Borders Project: Marginality and Opportunity in Contemporary British Urban Youth Culture, Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF), Girton College, University of Cambridge, 14-18 August 2017.


  • Turner, P. (2018) 'Youth, Austerity 'Bars' and Consciousness'. Writing the Noise: The Politics and History of Subcultural Music, Reading University, Sept 2018
  • Turner, P. (2017) Panel discussion on Wall Writers (film) and illegal graffiti, (2016) UK HipHopEd, May 2017
  • Turner, P. and Chetty, D. (2016) ‘Towards a Hip Hop Pedagogy of Discomfort’, It Ain’t Where You’re From, it’s Where You’re At', International Hip Hop Studies Conference, Wolfson and St Johns College, University of Cambridge, 23-25 June 2016
  • Turner, P. (2015) ‘Research Popular Culture’, Free University London (LSE), Angell Town Estate, Brixton, November 2015
  • Turner, P. (2014) ‘Social Inclusion and Researching Identity’, Social Justice Summer School, London Metropolitan University, July 2014
  • Turner, P. (2014) ‘Turner, P. (2014) Paper: ‘Representations of Ethnic Minority Groups and Migrants in UK Rap Videos 1993 – 2013’, Centre for Social Justice Seminar Series, Goldsmiths University, December 2014
  • Turner, P. (2014) ‘The ‘Street’ in Street Art’, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series, London Metropolitan University, February 2014
  • Turner, P. (2012) ‘Hip Hop and Ageing: Conscious Heads, Aged Hipsters and Thugs for Life’, Ageing Within a Spectacular Youth Subculture, The Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music & Social Change, University of Derby Centre for Society, Religion & Belief, November: 2012
  • Turner, P. and Willcocks, M. (2012) ‘The Street Painted in Red Herrings’ (Street art and Agonistic Social Space), Return to the Street Conference, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, June: 2012
  • Turner, P. (2012) ‘Problematising Hip Hop Education’, Hip Hop, Education and Identities, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, May 2012
  • Turner, P. (2011) ‘Battling the Battle: Civilizing Hip Hop Subculture’, Popular Music, Youth and Social Change Conference, London Metropolitan University, September: 2011
  • Turner, P. (2009) ‘A Defence of Illegal Graffiti’, Seminar Series for The Centre for Design Against Crime, Central St-Martins School of Art, November: 2009
  • Turner, P. (2009) ‘Informal Education, Youth and the ‘Commons’’, Youth and Policy, History of Youth Work conference, Durham University, March: 2009.

Invited talks and guest lectures

  • Turner, P. (2018) ‘Neither Good nor Bad: A Plague on Both Their Houses’, Listening up Project, Criminology, School of Education and Social Sciences, University of Hull, 13 July 2018.

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