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Lois Wyatt – Bath Spa University

 Student profile 

Course studied: MMus Composition
Graduating year: 2019

I am currently finishing my Master's in Composition at Bath Spa University. After I graduate, I'm going to be staying in Bath working as a freelance musician doing all sorts of music-related things, such as stage management, teaching cello and piano, a community music project, expanding my portfolio of compositions and working with different musicians.

"I recommend Bath Spa because They cater to your individual needs as a student and they encourage you to explore new things within your discipline."

Why did you choose your Music course at Bath Spa?

I chose the Master's in Composition course because I had just completed my BA (Hons) Music degree at Bath Spa, and I wanted to develop my skills and voice as a composer and explore new compositional techniques that would help me develop. 

What were your highlights?

Getting my pieces performed in concerts and the opportunity to work with professional musicians. I also loved learning about new things within my discipline that I wouldn't have necessarily heard about or enjoyed.

How did the course support your steps into industry?

The course definitely built up my confidence and helped to define my voice as a composer. It also helped me enhance the skills that I would need to move forward in the industry as a composer.

The best thing about the course

The support that you get throughout the course, the quality of the teaching and the many opportunities to work with professional ensembles and musicians and having your work performed in concerts.

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