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Sophie Gonzalez – Bath Spa University

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Graduating year: 2022
Course studied: Bsc (Hons) Global Development and Sustainability

Why did you choose Bath Spa?

Coming from overseas, I chose Bath Spa firstly for the Global Development and Sustainability (GDS) course which really stood out for me amongst my other choices, but also for the University itself and the Newton Park Campus.

I managed to go to one of the last Open Days at the last minute and it really confirmed my choice to visit the place, meet the lecturers and students, and to hear from them what the course and the university experience could be like at Bath Spa!

I also loved the smaller size of the campus and the classes compared to other larger universities.

“Having a small class size really enabled me to participate in the lectures and seminars, but also to bond with the students and the teaching staff"

Why did you choose to study GDS at Bath Spa?

I chose GDS because I was still quite unsure of what to do next and I wanted a course that would not limit me whilst still tackling issues that were of interest to me like climate change and hazards, inequalities, power structures, communities’ relationships to their environment or sustainability.

I found that the course had a good balance of socially-focused disciplines like sociology or human geography, and more hard science modules around physical geography. Both were important to me to fully be able to understand the issues we face today.

What was the best thing about your course?

There are a few things that I particularly enjoyed about the course, like having a small class size which really enabled me to participate in the lectures and seminars, but also to bond with the students and the teaching staff.

I really appreciated the GDS and Geography staff’s commitment in teaching us and helping us with the modules but also with our future projects beyond our bachelor.

I also loved the research focus that was given to the course and the different skills I was able to gain during field trips, assignments and the dissertation!

What did you like most about the University?

Newton Park Campus is definitely one of the aspects of Bath Spa I loved the most, although I also enjoyed going to Locksbrook Campus to study.

The setting is part of what convinced me at first to study there and also one of the things I enjoyed the most while I was there, especially in the spring!

I also loved the friendliness of the staff and students, and the variety of clubs and societies that meet up regularly.

What have you done since finishing the course?

After finishing my BSc in GDS at Bath Spa in 2022, I came back to France to complete a two-year Master’s in ecological transition, citizenship and solidarity. I haven’t fully finished yet but I will soon be starting my last semester which is a six-month internship.

For this I’ll be working for a charity fighting against gender-based violence in a rural area of France, developing their range of preventative actions and raising awareness of the issue.

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