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Tim Davies – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

Tim is a painter, and has a fascination for the stuff we call paint; for its’ inherent physical qualities and its’ mimetic potential, both historic and contemporary. In the Paint Workshop, he encourages students to explore paint from the very basics (where it comes from and what it is) to the more advanced questions painters have faced throughout history.

Tim runs workshops on methods and materials; making paint from raw materials and pigments, creating painting mediums and varnishes, canvas workshops on stretching and preparing different sorts of supports and painting grounds, and painting techniques spanning the centuries.

“I believe they are looking for the god-particle in the wrong place” says Tim, “it’s not in the atoms and you don’t need the Hadron Collider to find it, it’s in a tube of paint! Paint can be anything you want it to be, anything from a philosophical notion to reality itself!”

Academic qualifications

  • MA, Art History - Open University
  • BA (Hons), Fine Art Painting - Bath Spa University

Other external roles

Tim works for a number of artists and galleries throughout the region.

Contact Tim about

  • Painting
  • Exhibiting
  • Transportation and care of artworks.

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