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Young In Hong – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

Dr Young In Hong is a reader in Textiles and Performance and a module leader in Mixed Media Textiles in Creative Arts Practice (former Contemporary Arts Practice). Since 2019, Young In has been leading a Material/Performing research group as part of the Art Research Centre (ARC), at Bath Spa University.

Young In is a visual artist working across the mediums of textile, drawing, installation, sound and performance. In her work, unique inventions in sound and movement combine in new ways with investigations of the image; its history and its reinvention. This can be seen in the way she incorporates found images that document the human cost of Korean modernisation in the movement of living bodies and in how her textile work invents new iconographies for our time. She is interested in the potential of the artistic sensibility to uncover stories hidden underneath the surface and traverse different languages to propagate a shared sense of ‘equality’ that cuts across generations, nationality and species.

Despite sewing being traditionally a domestic craft, Young In is exploring it as an innovative art technique. The fact that the embroidery and patchwork is carried out by both machine and hand is a further means to reinterpret third world female labour through an artistic expression. In Young In’s textile practice, there is an underlying question regarding practices and conditions in the global textile industry and its economic hierarchy. For her performances, Young In works in collaboration with art institutions, performing artists as well as young women.

Young In has been nominated for the Korea Artist Prize in 2019, has presented work at among other institutions; the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, the Korean Cultural Centre, London, Turner Contemporary, Margate, La Triennale di Milano, Gwangju Biennale, ICA London, Block Universe Festival, the Grand Palais, Paris and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Fine Art – Goldsmiths, University of London
  • MA, Fine Art – Goldsmiths, University of London
  • BA, Sculpture – Seoul National University

Professional memberships

  • Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA)

Areas of expertise

  • Art textiles
  • Performance
  • Fine Art

Research and academic outputs

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The moon's trick (2016-2018) [REF2021 collection]

Hong, Y (2021) The moon's trick (2016-2018) [REF2021 collection].

In her dream (2015) [REF2021 collection]

Hong, Y (2021) In her dream (2015) [REF2021 collection].

Let us dance (2014-2019) [REF2021 collection]

Hong, Y (2021) Let us dance (2014-2019) [REF2021 collection].

5100:Pentagon (2014, 2017) [REF2021 collection]

Hong, Y (2021) 5100:Pentagon (2014, 2017) [REF2021 collection].

Sadang B (2019) [REF2021 collection]

Hong, Y (2021) Sadang B (2019) [REF2021 collection].

Prayers no.1-39

Hong, Y (2022) Prayers no.1-39. In: Scoring the Words, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, 1 September - 20 November 2022.

We Where

Hong, Y (2022) We Where. PKM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 19 January - 26 February 2022.

Sadang B

Hong, Y (2019) Sadang B. In: Korea Artist Prize 2019, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea, 11 Oct 2019 - 1 March 2020.

Theater without sound, without actors, without anything (2007)

Hong, Y (2019) Theater without sound, without actors, without anything (2007). In: Pick Me, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, South Korea, 8 October 2019 - 2 February 2020.

Silent drum (2014) & Still life parade (2015)

Hong, Y (2019) Silent drum (2014) & Still life parade (2015). In: What is Contemporary Art?, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, South Korea, 20 March - 6 September 2019. ISBN 9791195767083

The Moon's Trick

Hong, Y (2017) The Moon's Trick. Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK, 21 November - 29 December 2017.

Rethinking craft: between studio craft and contemporary art [group exhibition]

Hong, Y (2017) Rethinking craft: between studio craft and contemporary art [group exhibition]. Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, 6 June - 24 September 2017.

A Fire That Never Dies

Hong, Y (2016) A Fire That Never Dies. Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 14 January - 20 February 2016.

Drawing flowers

Hong, Y (2016) Drawing flowers. In: Making is Thinking is Making: La Nouva Arte Coreana - XXI La Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy, 2 April - 12 September 2016.

Parallel voices

Hong, Y and Bow, S (2015) Parallel voices. In: [ana] please keep your eyes closed for a moment, Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, UAE, 21 October 2015 – 2 January 2016.

Image Unidentified

Hong, Y (2014) Image Unidentified. Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 1 March - 30 April 2014.

Let us dance

Hong, Y (2014) Let us dance. In: Spectrum Spectrum, Plateau Museum, Seoul, Korea, 4 July - 12 October 2014.

'5100: Pentagon' & 'Silent drum'

Hong, Y (2014) '5100: Pentagon' & 'Silent drum'. In: Burning Down the House - Gwangju Biennale 2014, Gwangju, South Korea, 5 September - 9 November 2014.

Let us dance

Hong, Y (2019) Let us dance. In: Still I Rise, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 14 September - 15 December 2019.


Hong, Y (2017) Echoes. In: Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract, Campo Santa Margherita, Venice, Italy (and touring), 10 -12 May 2017.

5100: Pentagon

Hong, Y (2017) 5100: Pentagon. In: Block Universe, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, 4 June 2017.

Let us dance

Hong, Y (2016) Let us dance. In: South Korea Guest of Honour at Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France, 3 - 5 March 2016.

In her dream

Hong, Y (2015) In her dream. In: fig 2, ICA, London, 9 - 15 February 2015.

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