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Progression break – Bath Spa University

Progression break

If you're on a progression break and have any questions about what this means for your studies or status at the University, you can find answers to some common questions below.

What is a progression break?

If you don’t complete 60 or more credits during an academic year, but you’re deferred (uncapped) or referred (capped at the pass mark) in these credits, you won’t be able to progress into your next year of study and will be required to go on a Progression Break in order to continue with your studies. You’ll be expected to submit outstanding reassessments as per the details in your official results email. You won’t be expected to attend teaching; this may affect what finances you receive, and what you are liable to pay.

If you’re in your final year of undergraduate study and you haven’t completed 60 or more credits, but you’re deferred (uncapped) or referred (capped at the pass mark) in these credits, you’ll be required to go on an assessment-only year in order to achieve your full award. Details regarding assessment-only years are available on the assessment-only page.

Please note that a progress break is different to going on a Study Break at the University, or returning part-time to retake failed modules with teaching. If you have any questions, please contact MyServices.

For more information, please read our progression rules.

How do I know if I'm a progression break student?

If you're required to go on a progression break, you'll receive email confirmation of this. This email will contain full information regarding which modules have reassessments that you need to complete, as well as the coursework deadline submission date for these reassessments.

How does my academic year work if I'm a progression break student?

During this time, you won't need to attend timetabled sessions and your eligibility for student funding may be affected. However, you'll still need to complete your outstanding reassessments by the specified coursework submission deadline date, which will be detailed in your official results email. Although you won't attend any taught sessions during this time, you can still receive support from your module tutors and your Academic Advisors.

Services and support

To find out what support we offer progression break students, please refer to the sections below. You can also contact various services within the University via MyServices for more information.


If you'd like support and information with housing, please get in contact with our Accommodation team for more information about accommodation options and assistance at Bath Spa. You can write to or call the team during our opening hours for more information about accommodation options and assistance at Bath Spa. 


As a progression break student, you can access the Careers and Employability service. Book an appointment, attend a workshop or employer event, utilise digital learning resources and search for professional opportunities on MyCareer

Finance and funding

As a progression break student, you won't be charged tuition fees and are therefore not eligible to receive Maintenance support.

If you're on a break from your studies, you can't apply to the University Access Fund. However, we may make exceptions and consider limited short term support on a case by case basis if the break is from a full-time course and you have no possible means of income. Please contact after you have discussed your situation with Student Wellbeing Services.


All current students – including progression break students - have access to any IT systems that they previously had. If you need IT support, please contact us via MyServices.

Library and Learning Services

As a student on a progression break, you have the same access to Library and Learning Services as all other enrolled students. You'll have full access to our expansive range of digital resources and databases and support from our team of Subject Librarians to help with your research. If you have trouble borrowing or returning books from our Library, please speak to someone at the Newton Park Library reception or use our 24/7 online chat service

Student Wellbeing Services

As a student on a progression break, you can access Student Wellbeing Services, speak with an advisor, ask queries or book appointments via MyWellbeing.

Students' Union

As a student on a progression break, you have full access to the SU Advice Centre for support on a range of enquiries, including academic matters, housing, and sexual health. You are also able to have an SU Representative in meetings. You can contact the SU Advice Centre by emailing

Progression break students can also join societies (competitive memberships are excluded). You can see the full list of societies on the SU website.

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