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Fairtrade Policy – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University and the Students’ Union recognise that the purchasing decisions we make have an impact on the environment and on the peoples and communities that provide our goods and services.

Underpinning Bath Spa’s Strategy 2030 is a vision to make and think a better world. Bath Spa University and the Students’ Union recognise that the purchasing decisions we make have an important role to play in realising this vision. As part of our overall Sustainability Policy, Bath Spa University is committed to making these impacts positive wherever we can. Purchasing and promoting Fairtrade goods will help us achieve this.

To support this Policy, we will;

  1. Communicate and promote our Fairtrade Policy to staff, students and BSU associates
  2. Increase the range of Fairtrade food, drinks, snacks and clothing items available at Students’ Union shops and bar and the University’s catering outlets. Explore where we can make changes in our own supply chain to purchase Fairtrade products.
  3. Make Fairtrade products available as refreshments at BSU and Students’ Union meetings and official functions
  4. Organise promotional campaigns with the Students’ Union to raise awareness and understanding of the implications of Fairtrade including organising the annual ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’
  5. Work with academic staff to incorporate related theories and Fairtrade case studies into teaching.

This commitment aligns to the University’s Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, our Sustainability Policy and Sustainable Food Policy by delivering on the following aims;

A Fairtrade working group with representatives from the staff and student body meets quarterly to drive the day-to-day initiatives on Fairtrade. The group will produce a biennial report for the Environmental Steering Group, which holds responsibility for reviewing and updating the Fairtrade policy, before submission to the Fairtrade Foundation.

This Policy will be reviewed periodically, to ensure that it continues to be relevant and fit for purpose.

Date of last approval: June 2022
Approved by: Vice-Chancellor, Professor Susan Rigby

Fairtrade University status first awarded: 2012
Re-awarded: May 2018
Valid until: May 2020

Recertification for Fairtrade University status is currently in progress.

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