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Immersive Media Essentials

Short course

    Explore how immersive technologies such as virtual reality and immersive audio could give you the cutting edge in your sector.

    • Develop an understanding of how immersive technology can take your business to the next level.
    • Gain hands on experience of virtual reality, 360 video, motion capture and immersive sound.
    • Explore the possibilities of VR, AR and immersive audio with leading experts in the field.

    Immersive Media Essentials offers hands-on experience of immersive technologies, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to understand functionality and how they can boost your business’ customer engagement.

    This one-day short course will inform you of the practicalities around immersive technology, including what's available for your budget, how to set it up and ideas on how to take your business to the next level.

    You’ll explore how immersive technology is currently being used by businesses, e.g. estate agents using VR to virtually stage empty homes and design studios letting their clients experience projects in 3D.

    There has been a renewed Government focus on immersive technologies in the South West region. Through support from MyWorld and other programmes, The Studio has purchased a selection of immersive equipment to train individuals and businesses who want to begin to understand and explore how to include this in their commercial offer.

    “VR and immersive technologies will increasingly become an integral part of workplace, business, educational and social settings as they bring a new set of tools and spaces for creativity, visualization, analysis and communication.  This course will help you gain a leading edge in your industry and give you a chance to see a new future for your sector too.”

    Clare Frances, VR Trainer


    Who you are

    Do you want to try a low cost, low risk dive into immersive technology? The Studio has a smorgasbord of equipment that’ll give you a taste of how this could connect your business with technological developments within the region and beyond.

    This course is designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and sole traders who want to discover more about immersive tech without a huge price tag for their businesses. If you are interested in becoming an immersive technology pioneer for your business, this course is a perfect introduction.

    What you'll do

    Three leading experts in immersive technology will demonstrate how to use the equipment, help you identify what could be ideal for your business and offer you a plan of action, with an idea of costs for equipment and training that would help your business enter the immersive space.

    As this is an introductory session, you’ll take part in a series of short demonstrations, including using optical and inertial motion capture suits and immersive audio.


    This course will take place at The Studio, Bath.

    Dates and times

    This course has now finished. If you'd like to be informed about future courses, please register your interest.


    This short course costs £169 per person.

    What to bring

    Before taking part in this course, you’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire about your interest in and existing knowledge of immersive technologies.

    Meet the team

    Naomi Smyth

    Naomi Smyth is an immersive theatre writer, director and performer and a filmmaker. Since 2018 Naomi has worked as an immersive technologies researcher and creator. She has lectured at Bath Spa University on Creative Computing and Creative Media Practice and on the UWE Masters in Virtual and Extended Realities, as well as staging VR theatre pieces at FIVARS festival and MozFest and immersive audio work at Bath Literature Festival.

    Naomi has worked with Glastonbury Festival, Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Royal Bath to integrate immersive technologies into live performance. She is responsible for researching, facilitating, training and managing the immersive media kit owned by MyWorld and The Studio, and supporting projects that use it.

    Rebecca Evans

    As Digital Dance Choreographer and Creative Director of Pell Ensemble since 2012, Rebecca Pell has developed and delivered digital dance performance, installations and engagement work in the UK and abroad.  Her work uses interactive and immersive technologies combined with dance to engage audiences and communities in both the making and performance process.

    Rebecca’s previous projects include live streamed motion capture to headset in mixed reality, exploring hand tracking in mixed reality for a narrative experience and a work that has audiences on tablets changing the dance sound and projection in the space.

    Clare Frances

    Clare Frances had the privilege of being one of the team that delivered Lost Horizon, the world's biggest VR and multi-platform Music and Art Festival, reaching 4.3 million through Sansar, Beatport and Twitch and winning the Best Digital Event of the Year award in 2020.  Through this she saw the future.  She believes VR and immersive technology will increasingly become an integral part of workplace, business, educational and social settings as it brings a new set of tools and spaces for creativity, visualization, analysis and communication.

    This year Clare has been working with The Studio and My World, to catalogue their VR, Mo-cap and 360 capture kits. She has recently become a resident at the Enterprise and Innovations' Hub, aiming to take VR experiences and training out into the community.

    Terms and conditions

    Read the terms and conditions for taking part in this short course.

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