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An Introduction to Gender Diversity – Bath Spa University

An Introduction to Gender Diversity, hosted by Laura Clarke

Wednesday 28 February, 2024 – Wednesday 28 February, 2024
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

CM.107, Newton Park Campus

An Introduction to Gender Diversity is an interactive workshop on gender and trans identities with the aim of helping staff to better support trans and non-binary students.

The language around gender is constantly developing and changing and it can feel hard to keep up. Perhaps you want to be able to say the right thing, and have the right conversations, but you’re scared of offending or messing up, or maybe you feel completely in the dark.

If this sounds like you, not only are you completely normal, but you’re also the perfect candidate for this talk.

Within the session you will be invited to explore:

  • The difference between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual attraction and romantic attraction
  • Why using somebody’s correct name and pronouns is important, how to get this right and what to do when you get it wrong
  • The correct language and terminology to use when discussing trans and non-binary people
  • What to do if a student comes out to you as trans or non-binary
  • Ways to become a better ally to queer students

We ask you to bring with you:

  • A pen and paper (for any notes you would like to take)
  • An open mind and respect for those who may be different to you
  • Any questions that you have about gender, pronouns, etc (there will be some time for these at the end of the session)

We invite you to sign up, and begin (or continue) your journey to becoming an informed trans ally.

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